How to build a DIY Convertible Desk or Dining Table

A Simple Dining and Desk Table makeover for your Small Living Space This is one of the most effective tables you can create yourself with a tiny shopping list, a dining and desk nook With little focus, you probably can put this project together in less than 30 minutes

By acquiring two desks of identical size, the only service required is mounting a set of wheels on the bottom of each of the 8 legs Next, Place the desks flush up against each other so that you can mount a hinge on one side of the two legs touching each other, and a latch on the other Doing so will allow you to undo the latch when you want to make it a desk, while conversely closing it will procure a full dining table Tip: Re-purpose plastic wheels you could find on an unused computer chair because as long as they could swivels smoothly they are perfectly suitable to screw into each leg of your new desk That’s it for now, I hope you enjoy my new video presentation style

Check description to find more detail related to this little change Follow a pasted link there to learn more makeover ideas and until next time thanks for watching

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