DIY Makeover idea 1: How to DIY Pegboard Headboard, Piping table, Sliding Barn Door TV Cover

3 Creative Ways How to Makeover your Room (part 1) 1Headboard Made Out of Pegboard

Pegboard is a wonder to use because it is extremely useful and cost efficient at the same time In mounting a series of pegboard panels above your bed, you have the ability to create real estate the size of your wall as far as storage and practical application All that is required are dry wall screws and a bit of ingenuity Pegboard is also the perfect backdrop for mounting picture frames and baskets that can hold alarm clocks, journals, and anything else you do not want cluttering your nightstand The best aspect of utilizing pegboard is that it is easy to swap out the pegs and change up the design aesthetic in a matter of minutes

2Piping Table You Can Assemble Yourself Exactly as it sounds, putting together a table made out of pipe maximizes space and brings a rustic flavor into your home Thin pipe that is aged or weathered make for the best material, and measuring equal parts for each leg is the extent of how difficult this DIY project is Because pipe has unfinished ends, it is simple to mount rollers on the bottom, and a bracket to attach the surface on top

Connectors for a piping table can be acquired at any hardware store, as long as you know the dimensions you are seeking 3Sliding Barn Door Cover for Your TV By mounting pipe above your TV set, hooks can be screwed into two aged pieces of wood that serve as your doors They connect to the pipe as a shower curtain would to a rod, giving you flexibility to close and open them at will

When the two barn doors meet in the middle, your TV is hidden and it looks like a decoration Spread apart, and you can access your media in seconds That’s it for now Next time we’ll have Multi-functional Pallet Coffee Table with Storage makeover idea and Folding Vintage Dinner Table makeover For more inspirations, browse Simphome

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