50s Creative Kitchen storage ideas

So maybe you don’t own two Sub-Zero fridges, or even a “pantry” Maximize your storage with these handy tips and tricks

This is 45 Lifehacks For Your Tiny Kitchen and 13 Space-savy ideas to store your spices By Natalie Brown and BHG I hope you'll like it 1

Hack your unopenable “drawers” It takes a bit of DIY work, but in a small kitchen you need all the space you can get Here’s what you need: Front Tip Out Trays Kit, Drill, Pencil, and Level 2 Enlist the insides of your cabinets

Even if you only have one or two little cabinets, you can still stick a corkboard or a magnetic board in there 3 They can also store your measuring cups Learn how to make this happen on Family Handyman 4

Keep ‘em organized with a coat of chalkboard paint Have I told you that my handwriting is at about a 2nd grade level? It is From Tidbits From the Tremaynes 5 Organize by pegboard, à la Julia Child

1 used a 2×4 foot pegboard from Home Depot with two 4-foot 1×2 planks 2 Supplies: Wood screws, Drywall anchors, Assorted pegboard hooks 3

Drilling the drywall anchors into the wall 4 Lining up the 1x2s on the wall 5 Lining up the pegboard, which will be drilled into the 1x2s

6 Attaching the pegboard to the 1x2s with wood screws 7 Painting the pegboard Finish

Total cost: $3000 (More or less) 6 Skip the knife block Chances are you don’t have that much counter or drawer space

Put your backspash to work with a magnetic knife strip, like this one for $1999 at The Container Store Or, for those of you with some fancy woodworking skills, check out the DIY version at Man Made DIY 7 Make up with shelves what you lack in cabinets

Have an empty wall without enough storage? Hang a couple of rows of shelves there instead The Inspired Room shows you how to keep those shelves looking awesome 8 Turn your fridge into a spice rack Hey, in a small kitchen, everybody’s got to multitask

Learn how to make these cute magnetic spice jars on Davison To attach the magnet to the jar I got out the old card table, stuck the magnets to it, put hot glue blobs on those, and set the lid (with the jar attached) on top of the magnets

That way, when the glue hardened, the magnets would be perfectly even Next, I reinforced the magnet by putting a ring of hot glue around the edge of the magnet Worked like a charm 9 Make the most of your cabinet space with rolling shelves

Let no corner go to waste You can find dozens of rolling cabinet storage things, like this one, at Home Depot Or, carpenters can build it themselves with these plans from Family Handyman 10 Use every

Single Bit Of wall space Got a setup like this one? Get some shelves in there 11

Utilize the sides of your cabinets With a little help from IKEA, Not Martha creates this functional, modifiable storage system on the end of one her cabinets This is obviously not something you would do to kitchen cabinets you like a lot as it will leave rather large holes 12 Stick magnetic racks to the side of your fridge

Hot glue 5 magnets to the top of each organizer and 4 to the bottom of each equally spaced Follow link to write down supplies you will need 13 Hang pots and pans from the ceiling Yeah, these are usually reserved for expensive, fancy-ass kitchens, but if you’ve got the space above your head, why not use it for storage? This version from Bed, Bath, and Beyond is downsized for small spaces

14 Line the area right underneath the ceiling with shelves 15 Fill awkward corner cabinets with pots and pans, using hooks or lazy susans This can work for organizing other, non-corner cabinets too

16 Use an over-the-sink cutting board to temporarily expand your counter space Using your sink as a temporary chopping surface frees the rest of your counters for other cooking steps Crate and Barrel has one for $2995

This bamboo one “catches veggies as you slice,” $3331 on Amazon 17 Make all that under-the-sink space work for you with the help of Command hooks and a little basket For those little things that have nowhere else to live

Via I Heart Organizing 18 Command strips are basically the easiest and best route for attaching storage to the inside of your cabinets Like in this cool magazine rack mod from Inspired Life 19

The insides of cabinets are also great places to put hooks for rags, gloves, and pot holders 20 Keep dog or cat food in a cereal container It’s easier to pour, less bulky than the bags, and keeps it fresher longer 21

Use a small curtain rod to store lids for easy access Store them with help from Instructables 22 Put shelves inside of your shelves These are £7

50 at Store, but you can find a similar solution for about $499 at The Container Store 23 File your bakeware and cutting boards It’s an extra organizational step that keeps your stuff from precariously piling up

This bakeware filing system is $1999 from The Container Store 24 If you have the space, a kitchen cart can serve multiple purposes It can serve as an extra counter, an extended storage area, or a temporary bar for entertaining

This one’s on Mary Made This (There’s a summary in English at the bottom) 25 Even a narrow rolling cart can serve as extra storage Stick it in a small, narrow space that wouldn’t serve any use anyway

26 A fold-down kitchen table can serve as an eating space or an extra counter while cooking Overstockcom sells a similar table with storage And

If you’re handy, make your own corner drawers Check the video link inside info to know more 27Specialized Spaces Move an outlet inside a cabinet to create the perfect storage place for small appliances

Consider venting and heat when placing a microwave or toaster over inside a cabinet, or add extra counter space or a pull-out shelf 28At-a-Glance Organization Make every inch count in a kitchen pantry An over-the-door storage system is handy for keeping things you use on a regular basis

Store dried goods in clear containers so it's easy to see what you have Put similar items, like packaged snacks and bread, together and keep them in baskets with labels Hang a shopping list on the door to keep track of what you need to replenish 29 Take Note

Put the inside of a cabinet door to use Hang a clipboard on the back of the door with a list of what is kept in the cabinet When you run out of something, it's easy to make a shopping list 30 Divided Drawers

Make the most of a deep drawer with a sliding insert that divides the space Use it to keep supplies like sandwich bags, garbage bags, and foil in a central location 31Within Reach Use a cabinet next to the cooktop to store frequently used cooking spices and oils

Keep counter space free from clutter and hang spoons, spatulas, and strainers on a bar under the cabinet 32Order in the Drawer Save time looking for cooking utensils with a well-organized drawer Find a storage insert that fits the space, and label each compartment to make it easy to put things where they belong

33Bonus Storage Turn unused space over the refrigerator into extra storage A cabinet over the fridge is a great place to store items you don't need every day Use open shelves to display dishes or collectibles

34Built-In Storage A built-in hutch is a convenient spot to store extra dishes, serving platters, and linens Shallow drawers keep tablecloths, place mats, and napkins organized 35

Freezer Organization Never dig for the last popsicle or lose a bag of frozen peas again Organize your freezer like you would a pantry Corral like items in plastic bins, and label them for convenience 36

Prep Station Chopping fruits, vegetables, and bread is easy with a dedicated cutting board This pullout cutting board features built-in knife storage below Locate your prep area near a sink for easy cleanup 37

Easy Access If cabinet space is limited, keep dishes you use on a regular basis on the counter Here, a vintage crate turned on its side holds bowls, plates, and mugs 38Baking Storage

If you do a lot of baking, keep all your supplies in one spot Here, cookie sheets, cooling racks, and cutting boards are stored in a cabinet over a wall oven Retrofit an existing cabinet with inexpensive dividers to keep everything organized 39Divide and Conquer

Keep pots and pans in order in a deep drawer under a cooktop A sliding shelf keeps the drawer organized Store pots on the lower level and lids above 40Hidden Assets

Turn unused space below a built-in banquette into storage Deep drawers are a convenient spot to stash extra table linens, place mats, and napkins 41Magnetic Storage Take advantage of a metal island by turning the outside into instant storage

Stick a metal shelf to the side of the island, and use it to store frequently used spices, pot holders, and measuring spoons 42Order Under the Sink Freshen up the cabinet under the sink with some quick and easy storage solutions Line the bottom of the cabinet with pretty contact paper

Use clear containers to hold cleaning supplies like sponges, brushes, and dishwasher tablets 43Corner Cabinet Solution Get the most out of corner cabinets with a pullout lazy Susan Look for lazy Susans that are designed without a center pole to maximize your storage capacity

44Spice Storage Keep spices neatly contained in a drawer Arrange the containers in alphabetical order so it's easy to find what you're looking for Tricks for Storing Spices

And last, 45Go-To Pantry Store all your pantry staples in one convenient location A floor-to-ceiling cabinet is divided into shelves so nothing gets lost in the back of the cupboard A tack board on the side of the pantry is a great place for posting notes, a calendar, and shopping lists

Stay there, As promised, This is 13 Space-savy ideas to store all your tiny spices You probably need this, more than you know 1 Spice Canisters A ceramic canister set is a vintage take on a traditional spice set

These large containers are perfect for frequently used ingredients and their corked lids protect against light and moisture 2Custom Spice Storage Make a custom spice rack with individual tins that can be filled and customized to suit your tastes Give ordinary spice tins a hint of flavor with personalized labels Add flair with decorative contact paper, and use small cards to mark each container's contents

3Spice Cabinet If your kitchen lacks counter space, stash spices in an overhead cabinet or pantry A three-tier rack is simple to organize, allows for easy viewing, and enables plenty of storage 4

Baking Box A small tray requires little counter space and groups frequently used baking ingredients in one compact location When you are finished working, tidy up the tray and stow it away in a cabinet or drawer 5Simple Spice Storage

Secure herbs and spices with a magnetic rack Small tins with clear lids make for simple sorting, and they're easy to handle Bonus: A magnetic rack like this one can fit on the inside of a cabinet door or along unused wall space Anywhere you can hang a sheet of metal 6

Spice Tray Use a tray to gather up all the spices you'll need to make a dish and place it near your prep spot You'll have everything on hand and won't have to run back and forth to your spice rack 7Spice Store House

Keep frequently used spices at your fingertips by housing a rack inside the door of a kitchen cabinet Replenish your stores from larger ingredient jars placed on the shelves 8Wall Spice Rack A tiered spice rack that coordinates with your appliances looks great in the open

Its wall-mount location frees up counter space 9Hanging Tough A chrome rack and clear hanging containers keep frequently used spices within easy reach 10Drawer Storage

Drawers are perfect for storing spices They keep them close at hand when needed, but tucked out of sight when not Label lids if the jars are standing upright, or label sides of jars if they're lying flat or tilted 11Straight & Narrow

For spice storage, claim the thinnest of spaces, such as that below upper cabinets, at the end of a counter, or on the side of the island The limited space keeps spices from hiding behind one another 12Lab Results Create easy access to your favorite spices by making them portable

Fill test tubes with spices and arrange in a wire holder When spice levels get low, refill from original bottles stored elsewhere in the kitchen And, 13 Rack 'Em Up Keep frequently used spices at your fingertips by using a two-tier hanging rack Stick labels to jar tops to easily identify your spices when standing

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