5 Inspiring Furniture Makeover idea

When you look around your home you may see a flurry of cluttered areas and problematic décor choices However, with some imagination, effort, and creativity, your furniture can have a sparkling and innovative look that is both cheap and efficient in its use

So, what are some ideas that may be worth your time? Here’s 5 ideas for you to try 1Ikea Ekby Floating Vanity idea Inexpensive yet durable, the Ikea Ekby can be transformed into a vanity that floats to minimize heavy furniture against the wall while at the same time giving an ample flat surface to display items you choose to not place in the drawers In removing the back of the unit, heavy duty 3" corner braces work flawlessly to mount the vanity securely while keeping the toggle bolts hidden from view The 12" depth offers generous space without coming out too far into the room, and if mounted at waist level, can be equipped with a chair or used as a storage area underneath

2 A Standing Desk makeover idea Creating a wraparound standing desk is advantageous for a myriad of reasons, starting with the fact that there is a wide work space that remains uncluttered at all times Attaching shelf brackets to the wall first before implementing the desk surface will allow you to make sure it will be perfectly balanced when the wood is placed on top By using two separate walls to brace the desk, you are guaranteeing it will remain sturdy, even if you have trouble locating the studs

Once complete, high bar stools on one end and a free-standing area on the other will give you full autonomy as to how to use your new work station Tip: Use pine board to make customization to your room dimensions a breeze to cut and install 3Tricked Out TV Tray Table idea The eyesore when dining in front of media is no more, when you deck out (pun intended) a TV tray in a nautical style

With the ability to be completed on a budget for under $12, a small can of blue or gray paint 4 hooks, and some rope can go a long way By giving it a fresh coat to match an ocean motif, it is ready to have hooks screwed on each of the corners of the tray Feed inexpensive white rope through the hooks to give it a dock feel, while wrapping each leg with the same The result is a corner piece that can hold picture frames and accessories without being visually distracting 4

A Side Spool Table transformation idea Exactly as it sounds, a table that can be situated anywhere in a room has the appearance of a spool, albeit with a professional aesthetic With the use of a basket, wrap rope around the entire circumference, while placing it on two wooden circles that are equal size The wooden top and bottom can be mounted on the basket in minutes with the use of a few glued dowels that are solid and will remain hidden from view Staining the wood will give the platform some age, and stencils can be used to get creative as to what the origins of the table are 5

A Hollow Storage Desk transformation idea Requiring only 4 pieces of wood at minimum, a hollow storage desk can be assembled with two long sheets and a couple of 2 X 4s separating each surface Using a bubble level, check the pieces are horizontal and drill them into place The open space in the middle of the desk can be best served for hiding a computer keyboard, and metal hairpin legs can be mounted on the bottom of the work station with only a few screws to take up the least amount of real estate possible in your room That’s it, if you like my new presentation style, leave your like or hold your though, and express your mind using comment area under this video

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