31 Sweet and Cheap Bathroom Decor ideas

Do you want to lock your guest inside your restroom for a while without a guilt ? This is 31 cheap tricks for making your bathroom the best room in the house by Maitland Quitmeyer 1

Belt your best Beyonce impression behind a stenciled lyric shower curtain 2 Make cold tile floors 110% cozier with a pom-pom rug DIY Make mornings a heck of a lot easier And all you need is yarn and a non-stick mat

3 Pour your hair potions into uniform bottles for ultimate Zen Use recycled Frappuccino bottles No more bulky plastic bottles! 4 Make this schmancy looking bathroom organizer with things from the dollar store Learn how to re-create the look for around $5 at This Casita

5 This Ikea hack mirror will class up any powder room 6 Use a curved shower rod for a bigger-feeling shower Showers are infinitely more luxurious when you can actually stretch out a bit

And you can get one for as low as $18 7 And Use two shower curtains for a grander tub Shower curtain panels make for a far more luxurious bath experience For a tiny bathroom, just cut the curtain in half and hem the edges

"Easy Peasy" 8 Hang towels on a decorative ladder for a rustic storage option Bonus points for not having to drill any more holes in the walls You can find them on Etsy for as cheap as $24 9

Hack your shower storage by adding a second curtain rod Plus, hanging things will dry off better Find out more info under this video 10 Get the spa experience with a DIY pebble bathmat

All you need is an outdoor rubber mat with holes for drainage, some waterproof sealer, and smooth stones 11 Put your mouthwash in a cut crystal decanter find ones like this for under $15 12

Make a cheap and easy bathtub tray for Hot choco, plus book baths 13 Turn a cheap dresser from a flea market into a furniture vanity 14 Give a standard bathroom mirror a makeover with a brightly colored frame

15 Move the shower caddies under the sink for storage that will actually stay de-cluttered 16 For a tiny bathroom, combine wall decorations with storage by making pretty copper makeup cups Get the full tutorial from link we pasted under the video

17 Make your bathroom "extra private" by frosting windows using contact paper Without the bulk of curtains,you can enjoy lots of healthy natural light 18 Keep curling irons stowed neatly in mounted PVC pipe

No more tangled cords! 19 Add some rustic charm with a DIY pallet shelf 20 Get the look of granite without tearing out your bathroom with just a coat of paint

21 Turn a reclaimed window into a medicine cabinet Pretty and functional Learn how liz marie get the job done under the video 22

Forget your forgetful mornings with a DIY vanity whiteboard Glass frame, white paper, and stencil, that's all you need 23 Mount fun Target antlers on the wall as a cooler alternative to a boring towel hook 24

Make this DIY glass top vanity to actually see all the cosmetics you own ~Genius~ 25 "Amazing", Craft geometric mirrored accents to decorate small bathroom wall areas Mirror decorations are perfect to make small bathrooms seem bigger This awesome DIY requires only cardboard shapes and mirror sheeting

26 Give cheap thrifted or dollar store glass trinkets a milky antique finish Pretty for flower displays or just holding all your junk 27 Transform storage with a pop of color on shelf fronts

And nail-on leather labels for professional-level organization 28 Add some plant greenery for "freshness" from onhappydaycom While purifying the bathroom air, Make sure to pick plants that suit the bathroom environment

Preferably, ones that require less natural light and a more humid environment 29 Keep guests from tripping in the middle of the night with this unique twinkle-light DIY You can spell out any word or shape you like "Steal the secret" inside description area 30

Maximize storage for your prettiest toiletries with interesting shelves Check out this tutorial to DIY your own at themerrythoughtcom 31 make visits to the bathroom way more fun with a dino toilet paper holder

(That's it) Once again, Please Check our video description area before you test one of those ideas and Drop your comment or leave a like or share this video with your followers before you go Thanks for watching and see you again soon

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