3 Bed Designs for Small Bedroom

3 Creative bed design ideas for a small bedroom 1Ceiling Storage For Bed Most are familiar with the Murphy bed, which allows users to fold it against the wall when it is not in use

While this most definitely saves space, having your bed on the ceiling will give you the maximum amount of square footage of your room Though its origins are from a French manufacturer, the idea in place is essentially a pulley system for the mattress and frame Do not be intimidated by the notion, as installation isn't nearly as complicated as it sounds, with Ikea now dipping its toes into this forum Tip: If you decide this route is for you, use a preexisting frame by BedUp (or a similar competitor) that raises and lowers the mattress but still gives you the freedom to determine sleeping height 2

Compact Living Style Storage Bed by Yesul Jang Graduate Yesul Jang was the original mind behind the millennial bed that is raised to waist level so items like dorm room accessories can all fit underneath, as sort of a makeshift bunk bed of practicality Additionally, a fabric curtain can cover your belongings so that they are not in view at all times In using such a curtain, they are cheap and quick to replace if they incur damage Because statistically sleeping space and storage take up the most real estate in a dwelling, it is a natural blend to pair them in the same square footage 3

A DIY Hidden Roll Out Bed Rearranging furniture is enough to give anyone a headache, and never is this more true than shifting beds Their cumbersome size and stature will make you tear your hair out, but fresh ideas have come to fruition on how to make hiding them more practical One such solution is an accordion style panel of wooden strips that are each connected by hinges on both ends In essence, the platform folds into a drawer, with one piece of wood folding on top of another as if you are stacking them When the drawer is pulled out, the wooden frame of the bed pulls flat, with the hinges flush

making a level surface for the mattress

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