28 Sweet IKEA Chair Hacks

Well, let’s face it, when it comes to furniture, a one-style-fits-all design is yet to be invented We all have our different styles and tastes, which make it imperative to add a little touch of creativity to the most iconic items we either inherit or buy from IKEA

Here are few ways to transform IKEA bits and pieces into functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces of furniture: This is 28 Clever IKEA Chair hacks by simphomecom Number 1: DIY Fabric Decoupaged Office Chair Homework is just about every parent’s responsibility and what better way than to ensure the little one has the best desk for this monumental task The Decoupaged chair provides inexpensive way of creating a functional homework chair All you need is a vintage chair, a pretty fabric, and a little creativity to create a cheap upholstered office chair for the little one 2

DIY Marbled IKEA Vilmar Chair One thing we’ll gladly give IKEA is high quality and good price, especially for laminate furniture IKEA’s Vilmar chairs come with enough hip space age and style at an affordable price to create an affordable chair capable of withstanding the everyday wear and tear All you need is marble, decorative paper, a small brush, and spray polyurethane, if available, to create this eye-catching Marbled IKEA Vilmar chair 3 IKEA Poang Chair Recovery Who would skip a chance to crash on an inviting poang chair in a nursery? The problem is that most rocking versions of poang chairs found at IKEA feel uncomfortable for tall people, especially when trying to get up

This simple poang chair recovery hack will inspire you to go the DIY route to customize your own cheaper and more comfortable chair 4 DIY: DALFRED IKEA Bar Stools For just $40 a pop, these DALFRED bar stools won’t break the bank but what if they don’t match with your room? Customize them to your taste in this simple hack with Rust-Oleum gold spray paint and little creativity Remember to give the tops a few coats of clear gloss polyurethane for a perfect gloss finish It’s a simple hack but the difference is gigantic! 5

IKEA LATT Hack Homework is the bane of scholarship, especially for the young ones Make it less challenging with a comfy children’s table and chair set This IKEA LATT set is not only inexpensive but allows endless customization This simple style is created with padded chevron cushions on the chairs and Plexiglas table top The customized set is quite inviting, especially during homework

6 DIY Leather Sling Chair IKEA Hack Who said these plain beach chairs don’t have to look chic? Transform a plain beach chair, readily available at IKEA, to a chic sling-back leather in a few steps and a little Glidden paint This is for you if you are a die-hard DIY fan It’s a fun project with a few twists and tweaks 7

Leather Lounge Chair Hack Here’s another IKEA hack worth trying It’s a leather vintage-inspired lounge chair created from a bright IKEA seat Besides the IKEA chair, you’ll only need a sewing machine, heavy duty thread, scissors, sharpie, wide Velcro strip, seam ripper, gold spray paint, time, and dedication to complete this fun hack 8 Skruysta Denim Chair Upcycle You probably know those denim addicts who make just about everything including sun-glass cases, shoes, and magazine racks with old jeans

You don’t need to be one to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of denim themed furniture Take this Skruysta denim seat upscaled with old jeans using a little upholstering creativity and the magic of a staple gun 9 IKEA Bedside Chair Don’t have enough room for your bedside clutter? Create a simple bedside chair complete with a drawer It’s a unique way of keeping stuff more organized in your bedroom

This is created from an IKEA Ivar chair, a few tools, and lots of DIY fun 10 Recovered IKEA Tullsta Chair This IKEA Tullsta chair is completely re-upholstered at home in an intricate process that took 2 years It gives you a few ideas about recovering a $200 Tullsta chair from IKEA to make it match your interior décor And speaking of time spent on the project, you don’t need 2 years if you are up to the task

11 Twin IKEA Poang Hacks Create a comfortable 2-seater by simply bolting two poangs next to each other The armrest can be converted into an extra support-leg and the other one holds the shock absorber Look for a soft shock absorber for maximum comfort After all, the poang was designed for comfort

12 Stools in Mint These old stools are beneficiaries of a complete makeover in shades of mint Simply sand the stools, add two coats of paint, clear polyurethane, and another coat of sating polyurethane Mint ombre works fine

The transformation is simply inspiring 13 Old IKEA Chair Cushion Hack It’s perfectly normal to inherit all sorts of unwanted stuff from parents or friends Rather than break their hearts by condemning the inheritance to the basement, make the stuff reusable again This old IKEA chair is a good example

The owner did a good job of livening up its stained fabric with new cushions It’s a quick and easy hack if you have basic sewing skills 14 Poang Armrest Extension Feeling too lazy to hold your tablet? Create an armrest extension on your poang in a few simple steps The extension is quite handy for keeping your drink, iPad, notebook, and much more within reach

15 IKEA Poang Chair With Slipcover If you are budget-savvy, then you know how affordable the IKEA poang chair is The problem is that these comfortable seats come in limited colors and patterns In fact, the only color option you have for the baby’s room is white Create a unique poang that matches your interiors, and doesn’t look like everyone else’s, with a beautiful ottoman slipcover

16 Transform an IKEA Dining Chair Into a Fornasetti Piece Whether you are a Fornasetti fan or not this hack will surely transform your dining area Simply apply Black Krylon and Fornasetti clip art using adhesive spray and give it a gold finish with two additional coats of Polycrylic and you’re good to go The result: A decoupaged chair with a striking difference 17

Transform an IKEA Chair With Magazine Papers This is a simple hack that just about anyone can do All you are doing is changing the look of a basic IKEA chair by covering it with images from magazine pages using white glue The glue becomes transparent when it dries Black and white images or anything with a blue tone works perfectly 18

Facelift for IKEA’s IVAR and INGO You can get a budget-friendly IKEA INGO pine table for around $69 and IVAR pine chairs at $25 each and then give them a simple upgrade to suit your style or just to make the set look different from what everyone else has This simple facelift is achieved using a little paint, 1-inch foam with batting, and commitment to get the work done 19 IKEA Dining Room Table Makeover If your dream dining room only exists on glossy pages of magazines, you could always do yourself a favor by upgrading your dining table Your dream is not enough reason to spend thousands on dining room furniture

Remove the table and chair tops, give them a facelift complete with paint and polyurethane and re-assemble them It will be hard to convince visitors that the newly decorated dining set was once a cheap IKEA set 20 Nordmyra Map Hack Do you have an old Nordmyra living the last of its sorry days in neglect and desolation? Bring it back to life with just a map, glue, varnish, brush, and scissors A good glossy map well ironed to remove creases then glued to the seat before applying two coats varnish easily does the trick

21 Mongolian Lamb Stool You’ve probably seen, with a touch of envy, those elegant stools in Mongolian lamb on the Internet, TV, or magazine pages No need to drool on pictures anymore when you can transform a pink IKEA stool with a white Mongolian lamb cushion They look great in your girl’s bedroom 22

Pimping the IKEA Poang Here’s another practical way of pimping that IKEA poang that you still haven’t figured out how it ended in your home Simply sand the whole poang, bless it with a walnut finish, and change the midsection to give the fabric more room to hold your weight The facelift project will not break the bank but the poang will be as good as a new piece of elegant furniture 23 DIY Glammed Up Gold Stools Here’s a fine example of the magic of spray paint

Transform plain IKEA counter stools to glam kitchen furniture with a just little spray paint Simply unscrew the seat and add a few coats of gold spray paint to the erstwhile boring stools to give them a unique look If you’ve ever tried to buy gold colored stools elsewhere, then you know how this simple hack is a great money saver 24 Photo Frame Chair In the age of smartphones and tablets, not many people have much use for those large photo frames that hung in old stately homes

You can even buy them cheaply and use them to create a unique photo frame chair All you need are two large frames and a simple inexpensive Nolmyra IKEA chair 25 Customized DIY Wooden Crate and Jeans Ottoman This rustic but functional wooden crate ottoman not only provides unique and comfortable seating but solves the usual storage problem too It’s a nifty practical piece that you can easily build using a wooden crate, cushion, old jeans, and caster wheels

You’ll however have a hard time stopping the kids from riding it They’ll love it 26 IKEA Granas Chair Hack Ever thought of turning Granas chairs into a strong practical bench? It’s quite easy Simply join 3 chairs with three 1×6-inch boards with a length of 6 feet

You’ll have a strong functional bench that can sit more than the three chairs did individually Take it a step further and add a shelf at the bottom of the bench to stash shoes and other items 27 IKEA Poang Becomes an iMac Table Still can’t find a good workstation in your living room? Get a cheap IKEA poang chair, remove everything except the wooden crate, get a base to back up your iMac, and add another wooden base complete with drawer rails and wheels With a final touch of, you’ll have an iMac table that’ll draw hordes of copycat friends to your house

And last, Number 28 DIY Cream and Black Club Chairs These look like high-end club chairs but are in fact crafted from cheap Tullsta chairs upgraded with chrome legs and black paracord You can take it a step further and use gold or brass legs instead of chrome Club chairs are simple and elegant additions to any room That’s it, Before you go, leave your like to keep my spirit burning, share this video, or better yet write a comment so I don’t need to learn some dark magic to remotely map your mind

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