28 DIY Creative shelving ideas

28 Creative Shelving Ideas Shelving doesn’t have to be boring or tedious it can be a fun and enjoyable pastime! Your home décor gets interesting, while you create lucrative storage spaces in your home from all kinds of stuff

1 Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves Measure and cut wood pickets You need 4 boards for top and bottom each and 12 boards for sides if you wish to make 6 shelves Cut the end using a miter saw at a 45-degree angle

Glue nailed pieces together to form a rectangular tube Drill a pilot hole through the boards before screwing on to the wall and ensure they are level 2 Nursery Room Bookshelves Cut the 1×10's in half, use the pre-drilled screw holes in the back to fix a couple of 1×4's to each other

Apply glue to the front of the 1X4, and clamp either end of the 1×2 to the 1×4 to hold the boards into place, and then naile the pieces together Paint them and your nursery bookshelves are complete and ready to be installed! 3 Easy DIY Floating Shelves First, Build the frame The back of the frame that is attached to your wall should be a 2×3 cut at 32″

Each shelf has 3 brackets that are each 775″ long Attached the brackets using 25″ pocket hole screws Use Gorilla wood glue on each one to make it extra sturdy

You can use pinewood or whitewood whichever is available If you want, you can get them distressed as well 4 Chalkboard Chubby Carefully measure and transfer provided pattern to your 1×6 sides

Cut using a jigsaw and then sand edges till they are even and matching Attach two sides together with the bottom as shown in the picture either with 1 1/4" pocket hole screws or 2" finish nails and wood glue from outsides Apply the same technique with shelves When you finish use primer or wood conditioner 5

Stacked End Table Shelf (Roadkill Rescue) You need to cut the end table half with beadboard added onto the back for some texture Cut more beadboard to fit the back of each of the cut ends of the table to make it more stabe Next, Sand the piece using wood glue to put some of the trim back in place Begin with 60-grit sandpaper, work your way down to a 220-grit and then wipe it clean

Prime and paint it, then drill corner braces to the bottom, position bottom half of table in place and screw the other end of the corner brace into the wall Last, Stack other half of the end and repeat 6 DIY Honeycomb Hexagon Shelves Miter cut four ten-foot-long whitewood 1x4s to 30 degrees and saw hexagons

Make 60 pieces with 6-inch sides if you want 10 hexagons Pre-drill holes, glue and then nail sides together Wood glue along edges, clamp together, nail, and then stain them Screw them to form a honeycomb pattern using two L brackets per shelf and anchor screws 7

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit Step 1: Ensure the pipes are clean Use oil rubbed bronze to spray paint the plumbing pieces Drill tiny holes in the center of every penciled circle, lightly sand and clean around them Stain and seal every side of the shelf

Apply 5 coats of polyurethane to the top side Once that side is dry, flip and repeat by brushing two coats to the bottom side, drying between each one Start the assembly and finish by screwing flanges into place Lastly, you can decorate it as you wish! 8 Industrial Shelves

First, Put bottom row of pipes together and line them up where you want to position them on the floor Keep them straight via tape and ensure the distance apart is same Screw flanges to the floor Use a 1 and 1/4 inch drill bit to drill holes in the wood Use a bigger pipe on top than the rest of them

Stain with MinWax Provencial and seal using MinWax’s wipe on poly in Satin 9 Corner Shelf Mark exactly how to hang brackets Prime the brackets with Cold Galvanized Compound Primer and paint with ORB metallic spray paint in satin, or leave them alone if the shiny steel look is your preference

Stain and top-coat the cut-to-size shelves if you desire or leave them unfinished Next, take 2″ screws to secure the brackets to the studs and 1″ screws to hook up the shelves to the brackets 10 DIY Spice Rack Variety is the spice of life! So why not create a spice rack? Use birch plywood for this task Use a jigsaw to cut out two matching pieces for the sides of the spice holder

Then use wood glue and a nail gun to glue and nail the sides of the holder to the bottom piece Create the shelves like stair steps by gluing and nailing on top of each other Check that each board is level, and use wood filler for seams After each shelf checked, fill the seam with wood filler and lastly sand and paint those shelves 11

DIY Rope Shelf Drillholes in the boards for the rope to go through Sand down the edges and around the holes, and then paint the boards Measure and recheck to make sure the length of the ropes would be stopping where you want to instal the plant brackets Cut the rope carefully into two final pieces- a length for each side

And last Put the rope shelf up using a level to do the final bit of adjusting 12 DIY Window Shelf For Plant Make a plan where to attach brackets to window trim Next, Cut, sand rough edges, and wipe clean

Brush on Polyshades using a foam brush Next, mark holes for the brackets and continue drill a pilot hole Screw brackets into the window trim or pilot hole and Finally, fasten the wood shelves to the brackets with screws 13 Lowes Leaning Shelf

First, Mark the length of the five shelves with 1-inch spaces between them that you cut away later on one 1 x 12 Stack the marked board on a second 1 x 12 and clamp them (not glue them) with the edges and ends flush To make the cuts, you can choose a wide-capacity miter saw, or a right-angle guide or circular saw Sand with 120-grit sandpaper until the shelf edges, faces, and ends are clean and smooth 14

DIY Hanging Organizer Peg Hooks Don’t forget to mark the center of every peg placement and choose hole saw bit that is a little bigger than the pegs Holes should be near top end Next, cut holes using pilot hole as a guide for the center drill Just a bit

Continue Hang on pegs to ensure holes line up Using wood glue, wood screws and clamps, assemble your caddy and let it dry Using just wood glue and some clamps, attach the back stop piece to the center bottom of the back Fill all seams and cracks using wood filler Next, let dry, sand smooth and wipe clean

Lastly, Paint the entire wood caddy 15 DIY Invisible Shelf Use a piece of Velcro on the bottom of your angle bracket Mark holes, drill in screws, and fasten lower book cover to Velcro

16 DIY Wood Shelf Organizer Attach two 180cm long pieces of timber- each 235cm wide – together Shelves can be 9 cm

Pine is soft enough to attach the screws by hand, so you don't need any electrical tools; just a saw, a measuring tape, some sanding paper and a leveler 17 DIY Ladder Shelf Stand on ladder, put a board between each stair, and work your way towards top Voila – the ladder shelf is ready for decoration

18 Brilliant Shoe Shelves Miter the braces for shelves to go on and sand them Complete 18 of them, and then use the circular saw to continue cutting and sanding Use 1×2's for braces, and lay a shelf across them

Measure half way up, get out your handy pocket level, hold braces tight and screw them in 19 Hanging Pallet Shelves Measure wood to the height you want and begin cutting Nail 1×4’s into place for the bottom and then sand them

Apply a clear coat of poly, sand edges, and stain them Hang on a stud from the wall 20 DIY Modular Shelves Use boxes and arrange them in the combination you want

Stack them to get modular shelves You can try out several configurations 21 DIY Honeycomb Shelves Use bunch of different old cabinet doors painted different colors from an old warehouse

Set miter saw to 30 degrees and started cutting hexagon sides Keep doing that until you have 60 pieces, if you are doing 10 hexagons with 6-inch depths Glue, nail, and clamp the sides together, but you definitely want to pre-drill holes before you start nailing Screw them together as honeycombs Isn’t it fun? 22

A Comfortable Shelf For Your Kitten Sand and scuff an old tray, and then cut wallpaper for fitting inside, and securing to bottom using Decoupage Using left over fabric, sewed an envelope pillow cover for an old pillow to use as a cushion Drill a hole for attaching catnip stuffed toys on ribbon Loop ribbon toys through eye screw and add a pillow

23 Hanging Patterned Shelves Sketch designs, linear and geometric recommended for this project, although you can choose the patterns as per your preference Tape out design, on both sides of the board Pay attention to the edges to ensure your design wraps around neatly

Peel last layer of paint to unleash your beautiful new shelf 24 DIY Rustic Wall Storage Bins Create extra space in your home for some handy storage bins on the walls that blend in with the décor of the surroundings as well Distressing and staining is needed once you are done

25 A Bathroom Wall Storage Bin From Old Drawer Combine two drawers into one solid piece Next, drill some pilot holes, and install all the hardware Add trim around the edges for a nice finishing touch and apply a coat of poly

You can spray paint the original handles too 26 A Modern Pegboard Shelving System Mark holes on the wooden panel with a pencil for drilling Flip panel over and lightly sand front

Curl up some sandpaper and stick it in the holes to get rid of any jagged edges Measure depth of your shelves and add that to the thickness of your wooden panel Cut the dowels with a saw, or have them cut for you at the hardware store if necessary Stick some dowels in and try different configurations Cut your boards accordingly

27 Farmhouse Style Wire Wall Baskets (From Dollar Store Items) Spray paint the baskets and let them dry Use small amount of your craft paints and a paper towel or rub the paint onto the board in a random pattern Repeat to create layers Use sandpaper for distressing paint job till you get desired results

Turn board around add picture hooks on the back and position baskets and screw them in You have magically created an attractive storage option that doubles as décor And last, 28 Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf Add drops of glue to 3 Popsicle stick ends and lay them down, and include 3 more as layers for the hexagon Keep doing it till the hexagon is as deep as you want

Stain the sticks You can alternate hexagons on each side on one row and create a second row above Make sure the glue is dry before layering and staining Ready to begin? Go right ahead! That’s it As always, like this video, or comment it, or share it with your friends before you leave

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