28 challenging Furniture Haul

28 DIY Furniture Haul Ideas There are infinite possibilities for creating practical items when it comes to furniture

Let us help you out by suggesting few ideas, to which you can add your own too! 1 Vintage Feed Sack Chair Who knew empty feed sacks could be useful? Create your very own vintage chair by stitching the sacks to cover the skin of the chair (after removing the old one and whitewashing it of course!) 2 Upcycled Beverage Station

Save money by creating a bar all by yourself Attach shelf to the brackets, which are then attached to the door with wood screws Before gluing the upper shelf, attach a metal wine glass rack to the underside of the upper shelf For more stability, screw it into a wall so it doesn’t topple when kids are running around 3

Night Stand Makeover Use cool colors to create a contrasting effect as you revamp your night stand Create a box, craft a drawer, and use a scrap piece of flooring for the top (3 to 4 pieces are needed) Sand the feet before staining and use 000 steel wool to buff the metal parts of the feet Fashion the handles with gold – it gives an exotic touch

4 Farmhouse Table Makeover with HomeRight Sprayer Sand the table before starting Spray it with HomeRight Sprayer and use 4 coats of poly Please make sure it dries thoroughly

5 Bathroom DIY Magazine Rack First, ensure you measure the height of the rack properly Mark the area and cut wood to the desired length Fix wood to the wall with a nail gun

Next, add a piece of 1×3 for the bottom and the top rack for the magazine to rest on The boards in front of the rack should be straight and each one placed slightly higher than the one below it so the magazines don’t slide out 6 IKEA Hack Attack! Making a Side Table Buy some IKEA clothing hampers – you have no idea how handy they come in while designing creations like these

Use a piece of wood to fit the frame, put a couple coats of satin on top, wait till it dries, and then spray the frame with a color of your choice Use wood screws to attach the frame to the wood 7 How to DIY Reupholstering Chair without Sewing Start cutting your fabric for the two inside pieces first

Tuck it inside creases and use staple gun to secure them Cut front facing arm pieces and staple them accordingly Hide the staples up underneath the outside of the arm Cut a long piece (rectangular shape) leaving enough fabric to fold inward so you get a clean edge showing on the outside Pull as tight as you can and staple each corner

Do the same thing for the top side pieces The piping will also hide any staples that may be showing 8 DIY Cork Board Office Wall Buy these quirky, sticky square cork board pieces at most home improvement stores and all you got to do is just peel and stick

You can stick these pieces to just about any surface but make sure they are flat and smooth Once the cork board tiles were covering the wall, you can add a floating shelf to the wall in order to have a place to display picture frames, a small plant, and any other artwork 9 IKEA Card File Drawers Hack Sand the corners of the drawers heavily to round them off a bit

Apply two coats of timber stain Add a soft lustre and improve richness of the stain, use three coats of danish oil Once the oil is dry, attach pulls and hammer in nails File off the nails that are poking through if they bother you To finish, design some simple antique style tabs for the card holders

10 Feast Watson Bedside Table Transformation Measure bedside tables accurately by cutting all of the cladding from large sheets of pine ply This included the faux drawer fronts (30 pieces in total), the shaker-style side trim (20 pieces in total) and the tops and bases (four pieces in total) Stock up on Feast Watson Prooftint (Teak), Feast Watson Scandinavian Oil and Feast Watson Prooftint Colour Reducer beforehand

For the hardware, you can put some plain label holders flanked by small brass knobs As a finishing touch you can line the drawers and use geometric patterned wrapping paper 11 Easy DIY Faux Multi-Drawer Cabinet Hack Using Peel And Stick Flooring! Measure, trim, and attach faux drawer fronts Decide the number and sizes of drawers beforehand

Don’t forget to take into account the width of your peel and stick planks Obviously, you want as little wastage as possible and can save yourself some trimming While finishing, cut down a square length of pine to create four simple little feet and screwed them to the new base Paint the furniture, attach hardware, and fill label holders 12

How to Make a Bed Frame From Box Spring Cut the yards of fabric into two pieces so that it would cover the box spring and sew the pieces together After fitting the piece of fabric over the box spring, flip it on its side and start stapling the fabric down Screw the brackets down first, and then fix the legs on to them Once the legs are attached, trim any excess fabric on the bottom of the box spring

For a finishing touch, add an adhesive felt pads to the bottom of the legs 13 A Charming Antique Piano Stool Haul Stain a stool with rich brown color It should be consistent to stain the bread board with the same color and finish with linseed oil for some shine To attach the board to the stool, use a few drops of clear silicone

This holds it firmly in place while allowing for easy removal 14 DIY Cage Light Sconces Drill three holes in your bracket There are two pre-drilled holes at the top of the bracket so just widen them

Cut off the plug end and the switch portion of the pendant light with wire snips so that you can thread the cord through the bracket starting at the outermost hole and going up over the top of the bracket and down through the bottom hole Get a professional to install a new plug at the end of your light fixture After wiring, simply plug in, and enjoy the difference your new sconce makes to its surroundings 15 DIY Floating Sideboard

Use IKEA kitchen mounting rails for mounting 36" x 24" IKEA cabinets Level the rail and the cupboards automatically become level Fix cupboards to each other from the inside and you are done! 16 Beautiful DIY Honeycomb Armoire You need a simple melamine wardrobe and ensure it is clean, taken off doors, with drawers pulled out, and any other hardware removed

To give the hexagons a nice frame of sorts, add a new over-hanging top and base Look online for wide raw ply hexagons to get the pattern right Hand-stain them, dip your brush from colour to colour and coating each shape to achieve random tones Finish by installing handles 17

Folding Chair Makeover Turn the underside of a vintage wooden folding chair into a chalkboard by mixing chalkboard paint using unsanded grout and black paint Tape off edges with painter’s tape beforehand Use hooks and tray to include your organizer in the design 18

Manoteca Reincarnates a Vintage Door as a Rustic Desk From “Manoteca” a Bologna-based studio Named indoor, this is 78″ long by 31″ high and 40″ deep multifunctional desk or table When it is opened, The door panels have convenient fabric pockets, while a drawer is included for holding items 19

Danish Chair Redux Carefully take apart the original cushion covers, which means removing each seam until you have all of the pattern pieces Once you take all of the seams out, you should have all of the pattern pieces you need Trace the pattern from the old fabric onto the new fabric Pin your bottom and side pieces all together until you have a square

Your corners need to be completely unfolded, so the seam goes around the corner, not over the top of it Sew and once you are done, repeat the same process with the last big square you have left 20 Spice Saving Laundry Organization Get your laundry bags ready for labeling

Use any font in Cricut's Design Space to create labels, but make sure you can size it accordingly to fit the bags Use wall hooks to hang up 21 Salvage Drum Coffeee Table Clean the drum properly, gently place table top onto the drum claws, and add rubber stops to avoid scratches

22 DIY Cabinet IKEA Hack Begin with side pieces – screw them one by one, as they should line up perfectly with the sides of the cabinet Attach the top and bottom pieces later Fix the sleek black handles and vintage legs

Secure the cabinet to the wall using IKEA fixtures 23 How to Paint Laminate Furniture without Sanding Use lint free cloth and white spirit to wipe down surfaces Use two coats of a shellac based primer, followed by two coats of your preferred emulsion paint

If it is the matte version, finish with a coat of varnish 24 Yellow Console Table for Master Bedroom Sand, wipe, and prime the table (use foam roller on top and brush for legs) jigsaw it at a depth of 14 inches and paint it

Attach to a wall with an angle bracket for better support 25 Half Table Console Unscrew extension mechanism, sand, prime, and paint the table The edge of the table should rest on a wood support, so fix a 2×2 inch piece to the wall at the tabletop height

Screw through top to the wood support, fill holes with wood filler, and paint over – it makes the console sturdier 26 Cut Up Table to Create a New Entryway Benches Cut a coffee table in half and sand the top thoroughly Wipe and brush gel satin with a brush, let it absorb for around 15 minutes, and remove extra with an old cloth

Let it dry overnight, and use another coat to get the color of your choice Apply a couple of poly coats on top to protect stain 27 How to Make Two Console Tables Original dimensions of the table are about 1m x 1,50m long

Saw them into two 13 1/2 in (35cm) wide console tables Nail screw a 2-by-2-inch piece of wood to the wall at the height of the tabletop You can paint it in a neutral shade or opt for a contrasting effect based on your preference And last one, 28 Creative and Chic DIY Nightstands

Cut legs down to the proper height, saw to cut table in half, and remove existing finish and rough edges with orbital sander using medium-grit sanding pads Use wet cloth to remove dust and sanding residue Finish by drilling to fasten cleat to wall with screws Place table on top of cleat Using a drill, attach table to cleat with wood screws from underneath

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