27 Tempting IKEA TABLE Hack

Humans are built with a highly creative brain, which is probably why there are countless ways to customize just about every IKEA piece of furniture With a little imagination, you can easily customize any one of those mass-produced IKEA tables and create your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece

Here are 27 IKEA table hacks to get you thinking out of the proverbial box by one and only simphomecom Number 1 IKEA Coffee Table Hack We all know how important a coffee table is in every house, especially for those of us who don’t have the luxury of large living spaces The coffee table does just about everything a table should It’s a nice place to place your drinks, food, books, and, although not recommended, …

your feet The problem is that nice beautiful coffee tables are outrageously priced but you can easily craft a unique one for your home using two IKEA Vittjo tables that come with an iron frame style 2 IKEA Hack Cowhide Ottoman Here’s a bold and beautiful ottoman to complete the look of your living space It’s a versatile piece that can be used as an ottoman, a bench, or even as a coffee table

It’s easy and cheap to build too, especially if you have an old cowhide lying around 3 IKEA Ivar Cupboards Makeover With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Ever thought of what you can achieve from two IKEA Ivar cupboards and some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? With a little decoupage creativity, you can get this beautifully remodeled cupboard If you are lost for floral ideas, there’s plenty of inspiration on Pinterest and other DIY sites 4

IKEA Hack String Art Table This beautiful piece will turn the rest of your tables green with envy It’s designed from an IKEA Lack table, which is quite affordable and differently colored 99c store yarn The trick works on any table and It gives your table a great transformation However, it may not last long if you own a cat 5

IKEA KALLAX Hack, Industrial Storage for a Boy’s Bedroom This hack uses an IKEA Expedit cube, also known as KALLAX, to create an industrial style storage facility for the ever-messy boys’ bedroom The smooth metal brackets you see in this makeover are actually not metal The fake metallic look is achieved using paint and silver leaf rubbing wax 6 DIY Rolling Kitchen Island or Bar Here’s another IKEA hack to inspire your DIY ideas

If you lack the luxury of living in a large apartment, a rolling kitchen island or bar that you can use to eat from and as extra counter space in your kitchen would be a good idea The castor wheels make it completely mobile 7 IKEA Hack: DIY Chopping Board Side Table There’s no limit to what you can do with simple IKEA items

Take this simple hack where a chopping board is transformed into a mini side-table or plant stand The stand is made from an IKEA Viktigt chopping board and Sigrid Pretty Pegs that have universal plates It’s an easy to accomplish project too 8 DIY-Quickie: Nightstand Do you want to create something nice for your bedroom in as little time as possible? Try this nightstand that’s designed from an IKEA stool and a drawer that you can get from your local hardware store

It’s a simple nightstand that gives your bedroom a unique elegant look 9 DIY Light Table IKEA Hack This is a great idea for pre-school furniture The idea is to convert a Latt children’s table and two sets of DIODER LED lights into a light table kids will love The simple hack saves you a lot of money too

Similar industry-made tables are very costly 10 Make a Kitchen Island With IKEA Lack Tables A beautiful kitchen island is a great addition to the home but they don’t come cheap So why not build your own using two IKEA lack tables, which are very affordable

The kitchen island is solid enough to hold all your pots and pans 11 IKEA Hack iMac Standing Table It’s always a good idea to give your home office environment a makeover once in a while For instance, if you spend the entire work day sitting in front of a computer, build a standing table at your home office The standing table is made from a 4×4 IKEA Expedit shelving unit, two Lack Wall shelves, and a few other available materials

12 Transform an IKEA Table into a Lego Table Kids love Lego That’s a fact Lego provides a fun and educative way of building all sorts of things but cleaning up the clutter of Lego pieces is every parent’s nightmare

Storage of the Lego pieces is another problem, especially when the Lego sets keep accumulating This Lego table made from cheap IKEA table easily solves both the Lego playing space and storage problem 13 IKEA Latt Table by My Sweet Little Nest Finding the perfect kids table can be an impossible task Most of the kid’s tables are either exorbitantly priced or simply come in obnoxious colors

The easy solution is to get an IKEA Latt table that costs less than $25 and with some creativity modify it to your liking This is an affordable and simple hack that adds fun to your home 14 Marble and Copper IKEA RISSNA Table Hack This is just the right IKEA hack for you if you love marble and copper décor Copper walls and marble wallpaper are quite popular today

Get a fine mix of these popular trends with two IKEA RISSNA Nesting tables The tables are quite affordable, with a set of two going for $119 15 DIY Candy IKEA Lack Tables Hack This is another genius IKEA hack that uses two affordable IKEA Lack tables to create a beautiful unique end-table complete with sliding doors The IKEA lack sells for less than $10

This is a simple DIY end-table project that anyone can accomplish easily 16 Ikea Hack – Map Table Plan to conquer the world? start with this project This idea requires your old or new side table, Mod Podge, Craft knife, a cavallini world map wrapping paper and few other tools The Direction is pretty straightforward

Started with: Cleaning, painting, Measuring, Drying, Gluing, Squeezing bubbles, Continue with Repainting (This time with mod podge), Repeat-drying, And lastly, final layering using waterproof PVA glue, or mod podge, or acrylic varnish 17 Easy DIY IKEA Sewing Table Hack If you love sewing and need a shorter table with a nice recess for your sewing machine, you can easily build one for yourself with this easy DIY IKEA hack Similar tables cost an arm and leg in the stores

With an affordable INGO table that goes for just ten bucks, a few tools, and paint, you can easily build a sewing table made to your specifications It’s way cheaper than the average sewing table on the market today 18 IKEA Faux Gator Coffee Table Hack IKEA Lack coffee tables are strong and durable but just too plain

Good thing is that you can pimp the table with a reptilian skin and create a unique piece of furniture This hack uses faux gator upholstery fabric, a sewing machine, and a staple gun to transform a plain IKEA Lack table into a faux gator masterpiece A stroke of genius, you’ll agree 19 IKEA Lack Side Table Mod Hack Transform a simple IKEA Lack side table into a planter in a few easy steps

All you need here is a Lack side table, square plastic containers, a drill, and of course a pencil and a measuring tape A great thing about this hack is that you can change it to match the season or your mood 20 Create This Gold and Marble Side Table With an Easy IKEA Hack Are you looking for a nice neat table to place your precious vase on? The problem is that most of the tables on the market simply don’t match with your existing furniture The easiest solution is to go the DIY route and transform a simple and affordable IKEA VITTSJO laptop table into a perfect gold and marble side table complete with a glass top and metal frame

21 Easy and Gorgeous IKEA Desk Hack I still haven’t figured why new desks are always outrageously expensive You’d think there is a conspiracy to fleece people in the market for new desks Good news is that you can easily build a functional and aesthetically pleasing desk using this simple IKEA hack You just need 3 IKEA Alex drawer units, an IKEA Barkaboda kitchen counter, Krille legs from IKEA, and some oil rubbed bronze spray paint to build a unique functional desk

22 Art Table IKEA Latt Hack Why not transform a simple Latt kid’s table to a beautiful art table for your young one A set of Latt kids table with chairs goes for just $1999 You can pimp it further and even give it additional storage function with this easy hack

More info, check a blog link pasted inside description area 23 IKEA Table Turned into Farmhouse Table Kitchen tables suffer the misfortune of being ever cramped You can easily convert a simple IKEA Norden kitchen table into a more useful farm table with this hack The Norden will only need simple remodeling touches with chalk paint and an additional glossy top makeover

The end product is bigger and works even better 24 IKEA Ingo Table Hack With Amy Howard Here is a genius hack to transform a simple IKEA INGO table into an attractive modern farmhouse table The Ingo looks like an unfinished pine table but with some painting using Amy Howard at Home paint, it can easily be upgraded into a nice farmhouse table with a nice clean aesthetic touch 25

Nessna Bedside Table DIY IKEA hack Here is another simple hack that even a 9th grader can do All you need to create this beautiful piece is a Nessna table available at IKEA for just $7 and white paint Feel free to paint it in your preferred color 26 IKEA VITTSJO Nesting Tables The IKEA VITTSJO table has a perfect concept but just too large for people with small living spaces

If you’d rather have a smaller table nest that can be stuck inside the larger table, here is the perfect DIY way of doing it It is a simple process involving cutting the metal frame, piecing it back together, reducing the MDF shelf, cutting the glass, and finally giving the legs a few coats of paint And last idea, Number 27 Easy IKEA Hack Side Table Using Frosta Stool and Aptitlig Chopping Board This is an easy DIY side table project The cute side table uses IKEA Frosta stool legs and the bamboo table top is made from an IKEA Aptitlig chopping board

It is a unique side table unlike any other in the stores That’s all for now, Before you leave, like and share this video if you think it gave you positive experience Use Comment area if you want to share that experience, And lastly, Press subscribe button if you need regular home decorating ideas to please yourself, your couple, your children or your Hang-out buddies And thanks for watching

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