25 IKEA Storage and Furniture Hack

IKEA is a treasure trove of exciting money-saving DIY opportunities You probably didn’t know that most of those cheap plain-looking items that you hardly give a second glance at IKEA can easily be transformed into unique, beautiful, and functional pieces of furniture or storage solutions

Here are 25 creative IKEA storage and furniture hack ideas to get you started by Simphomecom No 1 IKEA Rast Hack Ever thought you could modify a simple 3-drawer IKEA Rast dresser into an eye-catching vintage styled dresser? Here’s a simple hack to send your imagination wild with endless possibilities It’s a real vintage piece of work complete with one of those rotary telephone dials from the last century Give it a few coats of creamy white paint and you’ve got a unique dresser unlike any other

2 DIY Bench With Storage Compartments IKEA Norna’s Look-Alike You’ve probably been at IKEA and admired their attractive Norna’s bench that comes with storage spaces You don’t need to keep on wishing for one when you can create your own using a few 1×12 and 2×2 pieces of lumber and paint The bench not only looks great but provides additional storage space too Total cost for the DIY project? It’s just around $30 for paint and timber

3 IKEA Rast Hack: Industrial Nightstand by Serendipity Refined It feels great to try out new things and building this beautiful nightstand provides an exciting DIY experience It’s a cute but modest industrial-inspired nightstand made from an IKEA Rast dresser You simply need a few items which are available on your local hardware store and gel paint to give it a glossy finish The castor wheels make it easily movable too

4 Patriotic Dresser Rast Hack Give yourself a daily boost of patriotism with this uniquely crafted dresser It’s basically an intricate makeover of a sturdy but plain IKEA chest sold for $3499 only The process is nowhere near rocket science

Make a nice template of the American shield, trace the stars on the shield, and give it a nice coat of glossy paint You’ll end up with a patriotic dresser that everyone will be envious of 5 Nice Built-in Shelves From 3 IKEA BRIMNES Dressers Sometimes it seems almost impossible to live without clutter in your home or office despite all your organization and neatness efforts Here’s a simple hack that turns 3 IKEA BRIMNES dressers into beautiful built-in display space

It’s a great way of keeping things well organized without investing in expensive storage furniture 6 IKEA Moppe Hack Apothecary Cabinet What do you do with your huge collection of CDs and DVDs that you can’t part with, no matter what? Well, you find a simple way to organize the CDs in a beautiful display This simple hack takes an IKEA Moppe cabinet and transforms it into a nice Apothecary cabinet designed to keep your CD collection organized It looks like a normal piece of furniture but with an added storage function

You can do it too if you happen to find an IKEA Moppe in your city 7 DIY Twin Storage Bed From IKEA TROFAST 37×17 Storage Shelves Every parent faces the daily tribulation of keeping their children’s toys under control It’s like the little things have a mind of their own, I mean the toys, not the kids You’ll always find them in the least expected places

This DIY twin storage bed designed from IKEA TROFAST storage shelves provides a perfect solution to the runaway toy story problem It looks cute and neat too 8 IKEA Rast Farmhouse Dresser Makeover An IKEA Rast makes a nice side table but it may not match with your décor The Rast is a bit too plain for most people’s taste

So why not give it a makeover with a few coats of paint and a little creativity The end product looks like some high-end piece with an exorbitant price tag 9 IKEA Cubbies into a Rustic Apothecary This is another simple makeover project that anyone can do Create a beautiful rustic styled apothecary from simple IKEA cubbies shelf using a few pieces of lumber, wood trim, gorilla wood glue, foam brushes, drawer pulls, and casters

It may take some time but that’s what makes a DIY project more fun 10 IKEA Cubby Hack Isn’t it just amazing how you can transform an old dented, stained IKEA cubbies into neat, sturdier, eye-catching dining room storage? A similar piece of furniture would cost you an arm and leg and would not even be as unique All it takes is a little trim to the cubbies which you can do too 11

Warm and Colorful IKEA Dressers Here’s a perfect example of what the magic of a few coats of paint and additional hardware can do to simple plain looking furniture These IKEA Tarva dressers were given a nice touch of green paint and stained on the sides to give them a little warmth The transformation is evident That’s what bedroom furniture should look like, you’ll agree 12

Tarva IKEA Dresser to a TV Cabinet This is another genius hack to modify a Tarva dresser into a TV cabinet with an apothecary style The dresser is built using 1×2’s and furring strips The base is painted with a combination of "Old White" and "Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue paint" Some little waxing and espresso stain in a few areas give it a completely new look The caster wheels at the bottom help to move the TV cabinet to the perfect spot in your living room

13 Build a Cheap and Easy IKEA Bucket Organizer How do you keep everything neat, stylish, and well organized in your home without breaking the bank? Build a nice and versatile organizer for each room This bucket organizer is so cheap that you can build one for each room in your house 14 IKEA Expedite $10 Shelf Doors This is a genius idea of saving space in your home office or living room

The idea is to create a self-contained office space that does not detract from the rest of your living space dedicated to the family and guests The hack uses two IKEA Expedite shelves and attachable desks to create a chic crafty storage It’s a simple hack that even novice DIYers can easily accomplish 15 Suitcase Dresser IKEA Rast Hack You know how costly those Trenton suitcases are

Good news is that you can build your own version from a simple IKEA Rast that sells for around $3499 All you need is the IKEA Rast chest, paint, clear and dark waxes, drawer pulls, leather scraps, and different hardware items from old briefcases or suitcases This is one of the best money savers for those who want high quality without breaking the bank 16

IKEA Rast Hack by Confessions of a Serial DIYer This is a perfect upgrade of a simple IKEA Rast to a magnificent piece of furniture It’s a simple project that involves adding a new top to the IKEA Rast, beautiful fabric on drawer fronts, some little molding and trimming, giving it sturdy legs, and a nice coat of paint You wouldn’t believe it was originally plain IKEA Rast 17 IKEA SEKTION Hack: TV Console Ever imagined you could build a beautiful TV stand from IKEA kitchen cabinets? This simple doable hack is proof that you can

It takes one of those affordable IKEA SEKTION kitchen cabinets and nice looking brass hardware to create a functional TV console The project is quite versatile too You can use it as a neat sideboard or extra storage for your home Keep in mind that similar units sell for more than $1,300 in most furniture stores It’s worth a try

18 Pottery Barn Inspired Dresser IKEA Rast Hack If you are up to designer pieces, here’s a golden opportunity to modify an IKEA Rast into a designer Pottery Barn-styled dresser The idea was inspired by a vintage repurposed trunk and was even voted the top hack 19 IKEA Hacked Garage Storage Idea This is a genius hack in which simple IKEA pieces became a custom garage workbench

It’s a budget-friendly DIY project that works for spaces in any size The customizable garage workbench was made using three drawer Rast dressers, which cost just $3499 each The top is made from three LINNMON table tops The spray-painted finish gives it that smooth neat feel

20 $15 IKEA PAX Door Hack This is a barn door in a crisscross style pattern designed from plywood sheet and a few readily available items It will however need thorough sanding and wiping, which has never killed anyone A few coats of "Satin Valspar’s Signature paint" give it a neat gloss finish It’s a simple and affordable project

21 IKEA Billy Bookcase Converted as Pantry Storage The IKEA kitchen section, especially the pantry area is a great inspiration for DIY ideas This is a fine example of such ideas where an IKEA Billy bookcase was converted into functional and esthetically pleasing pantry storage There are endless ways to convert simple IKEA items into useful stuff 22

DIY Doors for IKEA Expedit Cubby Shelf The IKEA Expedit shelf unit cannot be faulted for not providing sufficient storage but truthfully it doesn’t look that neat, especially with all your junk cluttered inside For that concern, Why not give it a nice pattern with doors in every cubby and baskets in between to make it look more organized? This is a simple hack to clean up the look of your room 23 Two Toned IKEA Rast Dresser Hack Are you still hoarding stuff in cardboard boxes stuck in your bedroom? Here’s a simple hack to help you unbox stuff and store them in a neat two-toned IKEA Rast dresser It takes a little customization work but ends up providing plenty of useful storage

The dressers are extremely affordable at around $40 and can be customized in numerous ways 24 IKEA Rast Dresser Hack – Dresser Into Dog Bed Give your 4-legged companion more comfy accommodations with this simple hack that transforms an IKEA dresser into a luxurious and convenient bed that your dog will love Simply remove the bottom drawer and customize it into a dog bed complete with a plush cushy pillow It’s best for small dogs

Your Golden Retriever may have a difficult time fitting in the small accommodation And finally, Number 25… IKEA Rast Hack Trash and Recycling Center In this simple and quite doable hack, an IKEA Rast was transformed into a trash and recycling center to create a neater and more organized environment All you need is an IKEA dresser, a few tools, and materials to create this simple trash and recycling center for your craft area or home office Done, Thanks for still sticking with me As always, Like or share this video if you think this video deserve it, comment it if you want to share some critics or suggestions

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