23 Ideas how to organize using VELCRO ® Brand Product

23 Organizing Ideas Using Velcro Velcro is one of those handy items that stood the test of time and remains one of the simplest and most common adhesives It’s used so often; we forget we are even using it

From umbrella fasteners to the back of your remote control, Velcro is common but handy Here are 23 ways to use it for organizing your things 1 Secure wrapping paper from unrolling Sometimes your fancy wrapping paper just gets torn and crumpled in the closet

Just a simple Velcro strap around the tube of wrapping paper can save it from unraveling or tearing It sounds elementary, but easy fixes like this come in handy around the holidays 2 Clothing iron cord wrap Cords get easily tangled or in the way

Irons can be especially vulnerable considering you don’t want to trip over the cord since your iron may still be hot Try a small Velcro strap around a loosely wound cord Leave enough room so that the iron is not touching the wound cord itself 3 Hang your phone or tablet from a wall, cabinet, or back of a car seat

Whenever you’re tired of holding the tablet or the stand just isn’t working out, place one side of Velcro on the back of your device (2 strips usually does the trick) and then stick the other side to the place you’d like to hang it from Now when you’re cooking you have what you need right in front of you without worrying about dropping ingredients on the tablet 4 Keep kids cups handy on the fridge with Velcro After washing what seems like a million cups each day, you’ve given up hope in telling the kids to reuse their cups

But stick them to the fridge with Velcro it’s a fun easy fix for the kids Now they’ll see the cup and have quick access Just remember to have them place it back on the fridge when they’re done! 5 Use Velcro to attach remotes to the side of the television or coffee table Television remotes have an uncanny ability to disappear between cushions or under the couch

Never lose them again! Place one long strip of Velcro on the back of your remote and the other side of the Velcro on the device where you’d like to hang the remote It’s an easy fix that will save you a lot of headache 6 Attach handy items to the lid of a cooler when traveling Instead of buying a larger cooler, remember to utilize the space the cooler provides

Simply by attaching a few small necessary items to the inside lid of your cooler, you can maximize the space that your cooler provides 7 Top 10 best Velcro tapes The space you’ll maximize and the headaches you’ll save will be monumental, all by using some simple Velcro solutions Click the link in the YouTube video description to see the top 10 best Velcro solution products! Here are the top 10: 1

This VELCRO Brand Sticky Back Velcro comes on a 5-foot roll at ¾” wide Select a color and get velcroing with this easy-to-use product It’s for indoor or outdoor use and is offered in an array of colors Cut sizes as needed from this handy roll of Velcro 2

VELCRO Brand also offers this pack of ten 3½ ” x ¾" Velcro strips 10 strips can go a long way when you’re wrapping cords and condensing things These are durable and strong, offering strong holding power Offered in black, gold, clear, and white 3

For ultimate holding strength, use this VELCRO Brand industrial strength 2” x 15’ Velcro roll This product is great for heavy duty applications and will stick to almost any surface More durable than other products, this industrial strength roll of VELCRO tape is helpful for mounting larger or heavier objects 4 This VELCRO Brand tape is intended for extreme outdoor use

At 4’ x 1”, this hook-and-loop-style Velcro fastener is not only water resistant, but also endures harsh weather conditions and doesn’t come off easily 5 Check out this VELCRO Brand sticky back set of Velcro strips 6 For more specific purposes like storing cable cords, check out this VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable Management

This set of 100 pack cable ties is designed specifically for storing your cords in a way that is fast, easy, and gets those annoying cords out of the way These ties wrap over themselves for simple and fast cord storage solution They are also adjustable and reusable They come in black only or black and grey 7

This VELCRO Brand Sticky Back tape comes on a 15’ roll and is ¾” wide This adhesive is strong and durable and is a simple solution for anyone who wants to hang or store something Standard color is clear, but you can also buy it in black, white, gold, blue, or red 8VELCRO Brand stick back for fabrics is a specially-designed type of Velcro that doesn’t require being sown into the clothing

Now you can tote things on clothing using this fabric Velcro You can add to something like a tote or purse, or create a nametag fastener for conferences out of town! 9 This VELCRO Brand sticky tape was made for outdoors, and it comes in a 10’ roll instead of a 4’ roll If you’re an experienced craftsman with Velcro, or you have a big project, then you will be needing more of it and often! This product offers durable, weather resistant sticky tape which you can cut and place onto any location 10

You can also buy VELCRO Brand sticky back Velcro coins There are 200 sets of ¾”coins included in this package These are the perfect size for peeling and sticking for small objects like pens or labels Fasten your cooking utensils to the wall or use these small coin-sized Velcro tabs to mount your cell phone to your dash Get these in gold, black, clear, or white

8 Black out curtain trick For optimum black-out, or to save on energy costs and insulation, use Velcro along the top of your curtains to attach a thicker lining behind the actual curtain You can use the Velcro to stick the heavier curtain to the primary curtain This will help insulate (keep the hot and cold out) and regulate indoor temperatures

9 Keep rugs in place by attaching Velcro to the bottom of the rug and floor If you have cloth rugs that tend to move around on a slick floor, fasten them down with a few small strips of Velcro Just a small piece at each corner should hold the rugs in place well The great thing is it will be totally unseen and your rugs will stay in place

10 Use Velcro strips to keep seat cushions from sliding around on chairs Using the same concept as with the rugs, Velcro can be easily used to secure cloth cushions to a slick chair surface Peel and stick the Velcro to the bottom of your cushion and the flat surface of your chair and fasten it on for good! It’s easily removable for cleaning 11

Use Velcro to keep your remotes in place Remotes are so easily misplaced They also take up room on top of the table or in a drawer Why not attach them to the side of the TV or the side of a cabinet? One strip of Velcro on the back of each remote and one on whatever surface you’d like to store them on, and you’re set in this easy-to-do trick that saves time and space 12

Attach an organizer to the inside of a cabinet door Have too many organizers to fit in the actual cabinet? Save some space and attach the organizer to the inside of the door First, find the organizer you’d like to attach to the inside of the door It can be anything that you’d like to attach—a small basket or item to hold something Use the Velcro to attach the organizer, and you instantly have more cabinet space! 13

Wrap the cords around your unused appliances and secure with Velcro We all have those appliances that are only used once in a blue moon, but they’re necessary The cord is always dangling dangerously behind as you drag it out of the cabinet Instead of dancing around to avoid tripping, before storing it, wrap the cord around the appliance and use a small piece of Velcro to secure the end of the cord to the side of the device This ensures your safety, and that the cord stays untangled for future use

14 Organize jewelry Easily hang your jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more just by using a thin strip of Velcro Cut it long enough to form a small circle and then attach an additional piece of Velcro to the place you’d like it to hang Then using the loop you’ve created, place the necklace or other item inside the loop for quick access! 15

Securely hang an HDD (Hard disk drive) Since the HDD holds sensitive and important information, get it off the floor using some Velcro for mounting Put it on the underside of a desk, or on the side edge of a table near where your computer normally sits This keeps it out of accidental-kicking range and in a protected area Just be sure to use some heavy duty Velcro so that it doesn’t fall! more ideas

16 Use Velcro to lift power strips off the floor This is one of the best and most space-saving uses for Velcro Power strips are gaudy and messy, taking up entire corners of your house or work space

Attach the entire power strip to the side of your desk or the underside of a table in order to secure it where it is more accessible and doesn’t move around 17 Use Velcro to hang things on the wall in the pantry Easily hang your whiteboard to-do list or calendar, as well as any other small item on the wall of the pantry This is a quick fix that puts your lists out of view of guests, and keeps the list where it needs to be—the pantry! 18

Use Velcro inside a drawer to keep your containers from moving around Each time you open the drawer quickly, the organizers in the drawer are sure to slide around or make a mess to clean up Secure them in place by applying a thin strip of Velcro to the bottom of the drawer where you’d like your organizer to stay 19 Organize your computer desk cables

The area around your computer desk is surely one of the messiest and ugliest parts of your house Organize the cable mess using Velcro Strap up the unnecessarily long cables using a Velcro strap Tie back unwanted cables, or string them all together for easier storage around the computer desk! 20 6 ways to clean Velcro

Given that we’re using it to fix virtually everything, how should it be cleaned? 21 Picture hanging One of the best ways to ensure that when the door is slammed, your hanging photos don’t all droop to the side is by hanging them with Velcro instead of nails in the wall This is also a great way to protect the sheetrock from unwanted holes and chipping Just be sure to use enough Velcro (or good enough Velcro) to secure your picture frames

22 Velcro your boxes of foil or plastic wrap You can do this by creating a long Velcro loop, long enough to house the box of foil or plastic wrap Attach it to the inside of a drawer or cabinet for easy access You can easily unfasted the loop to change out the box once you’ve used it all up

and23 No-slip dish towels Placing a dish towel on the oven door is handy, but it tends to slip off and onto the floor after just one use Make it into a loop by placing a small piece of Velcro on both ends of the towel—now you can loop it around so that it stays in place on the rack! and that's it for 23 organizing ideas using velcro if you like this video please comment on it and if you new to this channel, Go click subscribe! Thanks for watching

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