20 Tips How to organize your Refrigerator

20 Tips to Organize Your Refrigerator If you keep your refrigerator neat and well organized, it will tell on the quality if how your food turns out

Most homes, can't even remember the food we have stored in the refrigerator because everything is packed messily The food later gets rotten, and we throw it away Keep your refrigerator organized and you will have a minimal waste of food Here are 20 tips to help you with that: 20 Classify the Types of Food

Classifying all the food, you keep in your refrigerator is going to make it easier to reach them when you want to eat them It will also make the refrigerator look tidy and pleasant to anyone that opens the door Depending how spacious of your refrigerator is, you can use small baskets or bowls to classify the food Use small plastic plates if your fridge is on the smaller side 19

Store Seasonal Greens in Jars Store your salads inside jars to keep them fresh The jars will not only keep them fresh but will also make the fridge look organized Use jars and not plastics to store your salads so that the vegetables can get some space Remember to sprinkle some water in the jar to make the salad stay fresh

Create a weekly schedule to drain the water and replace it a few times so that the salads do not go sour Keep your salad jars on the side of the fridge 18 Use Egg Holders Most refrigerators already come with pre-installed egg holders

But many people do not know how to use the egg holders in the right manner When eggs are all over the wrong place, it makes the refrigerator look untidy Fix in one more egg holder if you have to, to keep all your eggs away from other things in the refrigerator Arrange the eggs properly in the egg holders go prevent them from getting cracked, especially when there are many things in the refrigerator 17

Defrost the Fridge! It is very important to keep an eye on the freezer in your refrigerator You may need to defrost the refrigerator regularly to prevent an accumulation of ice in the freezer If you allow ice to accumulate inside, it may be difficult to thaw out A buildup of ice will also keep dirt inside your fridge Turn off the fridge to make the defrosting process easier

16 Use Binder Clips for Bagged Goods You should keep all leftover food in the refrigerator so that they won't have to spoil You can use your binder clips to store things in a bag and keep in the refrigerator Attach the binder clips on the space and opening of the bag

Keep the food at the bottom of the shelves It is guaranteed to last longer with the bags secured 15 Clean Your Fridge! When you have stocked all the food you want inside your fridge, it has to look good and smell good always The only way this can happen is if the fridge is clean and free from microorganisms

Keep your fridge hygienic on the inside and outside There are existing products like rosemary and lemon to help you with that, though you may have to choose to make your own products Whichever one works for you 14 Use Magazine Holders

If your fridge is spacious, you can try using magazine holders to keep things organized You can store any type of food in a magazine holder Put as much food as each holder can hold, cover, and then label the body This way, you don't have to forget what you have in each one Magazine holders look better when arranged vertically

Arrange them tidily inside the fridge 13 Label the Side Doors! Labeling is very effective in keeping things organized in the refrigerator You can use labels on the door as well if you keep food there Most refrigerator doors can hold any kind of food package from jars, to bottles, to cans

Label your spices, seasoning, ketchup, and sauce accordingly and arrange them on the door 12 Make Expiration Date This is for non-packaged foods like eggs and vegetables that have no producer suggested expiry date Write your own expiry date on them so that they don't go stale before you realize it

It is possible for you to forget to eat foods that come with expiry dates on the pack You can remind yourself by rewriting them boldly You should be conscious of the freshness of your food to minimize wastage Know what you have in the fridge and when they get bad 11

Use Magnetic Tins If you like having magnetic materials on the door of your fridge, then it would also be a good idea to have magnets in your food jars or cans The food holders must be magnetic for this to work You can put magnets under your snack box and turn it horizontally to give you easy access to the snacks 10

Plastic Wraps for Meat It is unhygienic to store meat directly in the fridge without using any covering or layer Always use plastic wraps over your meat before putting them in the fridge The plastic wraps will also keep the meat from messing up other food It is always helpful to attach a label on the meat you have in the fridge for easy identification

Keep your meat sterile always 9 Maximize the Bottom Shelf! Most refrigerators come with two or more shelves, so it is in your best interest to maximize all of the space available in yours The bottom shelf is ideal for keeping fruits and raw meat If you have any leftovers from these, it is best you keep them on the bottom shelf so that they don't to waste

Fruits, vegetables, and meat tend to go bad once they are half eaten quickly Dedicate a separate space on the bottom shelf for the half-eaten food so that they won't get mixed up with the new food 8 Keep Milk Out of the Door! Still, on the things that you can do with your door, here is something you shouldn't do; storing milk on the side of the door Because you will be opening the door of your fridge often, the temperature there will keep changing constantly, and the milk will quickly go bad

Milk in every kind of package should be stored inside the main compartment to prevent wastage 7 Maximize your Fridge Wall If all the space in your fridge has been occupied and you still have things to store, you can use the walls But you have to find something that can hold the food to the wall

The food has to be light, as well as the holder A small basket or bucket will be fine 6 Label Your Foods! This is almost similar to the one before When you have all your food classified and arranged in their proper places, it would also be helpful to label all the food you are going to eat soon

Putting a label on them will help you decide what you will eat first so that you can make space for your other foods Be certain to label opened and half eaten cans and put them aside so that other foods can go in 5 Line the Shelves! Use plastic wraps or films to cover the shelves so that it will be easier for you to clean out your fridge When the coverings get messed, you only have to remove and throw them away

Patiently take out everything that you have in the fridge first before laying the covering Choose coverings that are attractive but also sticky, to make it tidier 4 Remove any Unnecessary Shelves There is no need to keep shelves that you won't have much use for inside the fridge

If you remove them, you will end up with more space to store your food and products Remove all unnecessary shelves and rearrange your food well in the extra space 3 Use Bottle Opener Your organization should not exclude the outside of your fridge

If yours looks plain, you can pimp it up a little by placing a bottle opener somewhere on it You may also add a few colorful magnets of varying shapes and sizes if you like Just do something with all the blank areas of the door of your fridge Placing a bottle opener on your fridge will also make it more convenient to open bottles without sacrificing your teeth or hands 2

Use Dry Erase Marker Use dry erase marker to write all the things relating to your fridge that you intend to do or have already done Ensure that you do not use a permanent marker so that you can always erase the writings and not causing a mess on the surface of your fridge This is a great idea to help you not forget your groceries and to-do lists and last No

1 Take a Photo of Your Fridge This last step should not be taken any less seriously than the others even though it is this simple As a matter of fact, this ordinary action can turn out to be the most important thing When you are going grocery , make it a habit of taking a photo of the the things you already have in your fridge When you get to the store, check the photo carefully before you buy anything so that you won't end up with things you already have

Keep the fridge wide open so that you can get a full capture Take photos from various angles so that you don't miss anything Then capture all the shelves individually from those for meat and veggies to those on the door of the fridge Done, If you enjoy our list, press the like or share button under this video or better yet comment it with your wisdom and suggestion Lastly, press the subscribe button if this channel is new to you see you again later for more lists Thanks for watching

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