20 Organization Projects and Decoration for Small Living Room

There’s nothing more difficult to decorate than a compact living room And if you hate every moment that you live in it, then maybe those large, shin-bruising clunkers that you call ‘furniture’ are to blame

Efficient organization is the key to living in small spaces You have to minimize clutter and ensure that you redo your furniture and décor pieces in a way that it maximizes your available space, or at least creates an illusion of it Today I have for you 20 Organization Projects and decoration for your small living room by Simphomecom By the end of this post, you will be teeming with décor ideas and mostly, a more functional and aesthetic living room

203-in-1 Upholstered Tray Bench This upholstered tray bench can be repurposed from just about any unused wooden flat surface in your home, like a sewing bench, as this DIYer has done And it is an incredibly versatile furniture piece that can be used as a bedside table, a lap desk or a seating surface All it takes is some 3” thick foam, a soft fabric for the upholstery and some hot glue You can swap the regular foam for memory foam if the intended use is solely as a seating surface

If you will be using it more as a serving tray, then using a dark fabric will hide the occasional spill or two 19Mid-Century Inspired Plant Stand DIY This Mid-Century Inspired Plant Stand is minimalistic and sleek More importantly, it requires zero woodworking skills Some precut wooden circles, three wooden dowels, L-brackets and some hot glue

You can then work on customizing the finish to your liking The author recommends chalk paint and a good wood sealant There’s so many ways in which you can personalize this Add multiple circles, size up or size down, play with the height or make three of these in ascending lengths to create a cascading cluster of plant displays 18

a Steel Pipe Chandelier Chandeliers need not always be ornate or decked with crystals Here’s one with a rugged, chic look and its made from steel pipes You can give it a coat of your favorite metallic color or just rust-protect it It has disproportionate dimensions which further amplifies the barebones, industrial look Pair it with retro-styled bulbs and you have the perfect complement for a farmhouse styled table or kitchen sink

17File holder to wall storage idea Do you love repurposing old stuff and using it for décor hacks? Have an old file holder lying unused? You can turn it into a floating wall storage unit It can hold books, your remote control and other small essentials that can otherwise look ungainly As always, I recommend that you add your own bit of signature customization to make it pop out Pair it with a flower vase and you have an aesthetic and functional addition to your living room

16 The No-Walls home Whoever said that homes needed to have walls? Check out this micro-apartment design that neatly integrates the bedroom within the living room Not only does it make the apartment look much bigger than it actually is, it also keeps things bright and airy by allowing unabridged airflow At the same time, the bedroom looks like a separate portion entirely due to the elevated loft design Perfect for the empty nesters or small nuclear families

15Mounting a staghorn fern Vertical farming has really taken off and it isn’t uncommon to find walls adorned with wall mounted indoor plants these days If you have always wondered how to achieve the look, then here’s some inspiration for you This DIY technique allows you to wall mount your favorite indoor plant In this case, it’s a staghorn fern

But you can mount staghorn, bromeliads and epiphytes I have even seen orchids mounted on the wall Oh, all that it takes is a piece of old wood, the plant and some wet moss Inexpensive but effective 14

Build Mini Greenhouse glass for your indoor plant Indoor plant décor ideas continue to impress me and several other DIY bloggers Here’s another very interesting one Use some old photo frames to create a stylish greenhouse for your plants While the basic idea is to create one that looks like a miniaturized green house, you can go one step ahead of the curve and experiment with shapes Round, square, rectangle, whatever works

Put your arts and crafts experience to good use The results can be stunning to say the least 13DIY Window Privacy Screen Curtains and drapes are so passé Privacy screens are the order of the day and why buy off the shelves when you can customize them? This DIY tutorial shows you how to make a privacy screen that can be moved up or down or just removed altogether when you are craving for some extra solar energy

It’s a fun DIY make and you can choose a sheer or a thicker fabric depending on the amount of diffused light that you wish to let into the room 12$25 Sofa Table When you are crunched for space and every square inch in the house is a premium, then you’ll love the practicality that this super sleek sofa table brings It remains wedged in between the wall and the sofa, almost working like a headrest shelf for the sofa You can park your wine glass as well as store books, flower vases or anything else that you need within arm’s reach

Certainly beats having to get up from the couch during your personal leisure lazing As always, the sizing is just what best suited the author You can always customize it to your liking 11Hanging corner shelf Corners are the most underutilized spaces in a house and they can be the perfect place for some additional storage

At the same time, they need not look frumpy as this hanging corner shelf design shows us This is a very practical design that allows the shelves to be moved up or down if need be Independent shelf brackets support the shelves, which can be used to store books or décor pieces If this is the first time you are installing hanging shelves that can be moved up or down, then those channels are called ‘Standards’ 10

IKEA hack painting ideas Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh paint of coat to restore a forlorn furniture piece But we know what you are thinking Sanding, priming, painting, it’s a chore that you’d best avoid Here’s an easier solution This IKEA painting hack allows you to quick-paint your favorite furniture piece without sanding or priming it

All that it takes is two coats of any milk or chalk paint and a coat of sealant to protect it Gives the furniture a vintage look You can sand it slightly (completely optional), if you wish to achieve a distressed look Pair it with brass hardware to complete the hack Cheap and effective

9DIY Leather and Brass Teardrop Hanging Planter This leather and brass teardrop hanging planter draws inspiration from the Himmeli geometric structures that are a rage with interior designers, particularly in contemporary décor themesSome brass tubing, a leather strap and a planter of your choice, you are all set to create this teardrop planter As always, customization is only limited by your imagination There are umpteen ways to add your personal touch

Spray color the tube, fiddle with the geometric shape or just go contrasting with the leather strap Like everything Himmeli, you’d be spending a fair amount of time creating the shape But in the end, it will be a refreshing change from the normal planters 8Convert Bookcases into Built-Ins Bookcases bring balance and symmetry to a room, especially if there are two of them flanking your center piece, like a television for instance

With this DIY hack, you can convert them into a built in case instead that looks like a seamless extension of your wall It looks like an expensive bespoke furniture piece and is an easy weekend project that can be completed in a few dedicated hours Ensure that you get the measurements right before you begin procuring the materials needed for the remodel 7Simple DIY Leaning Desk This simple leaning desk has clean lines and an almost geometric design that saves space and looks equally good

It has a thick, flat desktop surface for a work desk or for a study desk for kids You can customize the height depending on the type of chair you have or just use it as a walking desk instead Most importantly, the manual is straightforward and will cost less than $50 with the finish and stain That’s much lesser than what a similar desk would cost at IKEA or any other retail outlet 6

Wall of bookshelves What’s better than a conventional bookshelf or a built-in one? It’s a wall full of floating shelves that to neatly flaunt your books We love floating shelves and this one creates perfectly aligned rows and columns of shelving that can even accommodate your décor pieces Creating it is as easy as buying (or DIYing) pre-cut shelves, and hanging them on the wall The instructions are given to the minutest detail 5

An engaging reading Corner How do you create the perfect reading corner in a room? Well, for starters, it needs to be well lit So, a corner next to the window is the perfect position You can use sheer curtains to diffuse the lights or drapes if you wish to cut it out completely for a mid-read nap Use a corner shelf or a floating bookshelf so that you have your books handy at all times A compact sofa or a lounge chaise with plush armrests will keep you good company

For the night owls, there’s the option to add a ground lamp which can be blended with either the couch or the curtain upholstery to create harmony And if you are too bored to rack your brains too much, then here’s everything on a platter for you 4DIY Geometric Bowls These DIY Geometric bowls might appear too arts and craftsy to some But it solves one of the biggest challenges one faces in a home

Organizing the tiny things Things that tend to disappear into thin air And these are so easy to make that we wonder why anybody wouldn’t want a few on their desk Office supplies, jewellery, hair clips, there are tons of things that can be stored in these You’ll be glad that you made one

PS You can download the template and just cut it out according to the instructions That’s a no-brainer 3

DIY 3D Mirrors This is one of my personal favorites These diamond-shaped 3D mirror decorative art, reflects light and makes the room appear bigger than it is It can be used just about anywhere in the house from the living room to the bathroom You can even club it with a floating shelf or an indoor plant to create a cool reflective effect Remember that amazing rain cloud smart light that we shared with you? Hang it right above this for an amazing array of reflections in a dark room

The idea will give you sense of achievement without breaking your bank 23d Floral wall art by Michaels I have enough of indoor plants and decorative planters for a while Here’s something that looks equally good but is super low on maintenance This is the 3D Floral Wall art that’s incredibly fun to make

All you need is a bunch of faux florals and a 3D art canvas With your focus, you should have a 3D floral bouquet in less than 10 minutes I assume it will looks great on any wall Tip: You can even use the florals to create a 3D tiara on your favorite photo Just cut the florals at the bud and hot glue it to the photos

Before we get to our last idea, I suggest you to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you and bell icon beside it This way you’ll be notified of our new videos every time I published them Last but not least, number 1 1 DIY Shadow Box Here’s a little DIY tutorial for a coffee/side table with its own shadow box The shadow box has an openable lid that can be made of heavy duty glass and a sufficiently deep compartment that can be used for décor or for storage And despite looking like a cumbersome project, this tutorial makes it so easy even for beginner woodworkers

If you have an old coffee table that can do with a fresh lease of life, then go ahead and convert it into a shadow boxed one right now That’s it fellow Home décor lovers I hope you enjoyed my countdown through this list Before you leave, like this video or share it with anyone close to you in your social media account Do liven up the comment box with your reaction or suggestions

And lastly, Until next time, Thanks for watching

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