20 Lit Small Bedroom Organizing Ideas Worth Trying

Having a small bedroom isn’t bad at all – in fact, it’s cozy and warm If you too have a small bedroom, you know that it has its advantages

However, lack of space can be troubling at times, especially if you cannot organize your room the way you want to The good news is that effective solutions exist; with a bit of creativity, some free time, and basic skills, you can transform your small bedroom, making it your favorite place in the house Next, you’ll find the list of 20 Lit Small Bedroom Organizing Ideas Worth Trying by Simphomecom Apart from making your bedroom look its best, you’ll have a lot of fun doing these amusing do-it-yourself projects

Also, since the main point of DIY projects is to make something beautiful without spending a lot, you will be able to save money, enhance your skills, and decorate your bedroom at the same time 20 DIY Suspended Wooden Shelf If your bedroom is too small to accommodate a big shelf, consider building a suspended wooden shelf that will take up less space Place it against the wall, and it will give your room a modern, airy feel To build the shelf, you’ll need galvanized pipes with threads at both ends, wooden planks, braided sisal rope, some basic tools such as a wooden clamp and drilling machine, as well as some glue and screws

All you need to do is assemble the rod, measure the drill holes, secure the boards together, drill the holes in them, and sand them Then, hang the rod, tie the ropes on it, tie the first shelf on the ropes, and make sure that the shelf is level Finally, make decorative reels at the top, and your shelf is complete! 19 DIY Ikea Drawer to Bed Hack Ikea drawers are everyone’s favorite; they are handy and good-looking at the same time But, did you know that they can be made into a bed? That’s right, with a few straightforward steps, you can transform these practical drawers into the bed of your dreams

You’ll only need a drilling machine, a cordless screwdriver, a cutter, and a pencil for this project Position your drawers, making a stable frame for your bed Then, connect the drawers with angles Add the slatted frame by gluing it to the bed frame, and you’ll have completed your new bed Simply add a mattress, and you can start resting

Oh, and one more thing – you can still use the drawers for storage; just make sure that they are facing the right way 18 A Closet Loft A closet doesn’t have to be a boring storage area – it can be a fun loft, too! Your kids will love spending time there, and you will enjoy seeing them play To get started, remove the upper shelf to make room for the loft and take the clothes bar down Next, measure the wall and decide on the height for the loft

Find studs and attach a 2×4 piece of wood where you want your base to be Attach another two 2×4 side pieces to the wall, making sure that everything’s level To support the box you created, you need to add cross supports Then, cut plywood, trim it out, and attach it to the front of 2×4 Finally, build a ladder, install foam and fabric, and let your kids have fun! 17

DIY Metal Wall Grid A metal wall grid can make any wall look modern and interesting What’s more, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it is easy to make Also, you can get a metal grid for a couple of dollars To prepare it, pry off the metal brackets, sand off the rust (if there’s any), wipe it down, and give it a couple of coats of spray paint Once it dries, you can hang it on your wall and start decorating

That’s when the fun begins! You can add photos, notes, quotes, and you can even hang your keys or sunglasses on the grid Also, putting a wall clock make your space look more modern 16 A Leather Mail Organizer Organizers are a godsend – they are a perfect tool to help you keep your clutter in order Not only that, they can be a stylish addition to any home

And you don’t have to buy expensive ones; you can make your own wood and leather mail organizer! Firstly, gather your materials You’ll need a wood plank, leather, brass nails, sandpaper, clear gloss polyurethane, a plain brush, paper towels, mounting hardware, and adhesive foam squares Then, cut out the pockets from the leather, coat your board in polyurethane, mark where you want your pockets to be, put the leather in place with folded edges on the bottom, and add the nails Next, drill holes for hanging wire, put your organizer on the wall, and you are all done! 15 Hidden Rolling Dresser Drawer You can never have enough storage room, right? Luckily, even with limited space, you can make some additional space with this creative and easy idea

Simply use any old case of drawers you have, take the drawers out, remove all hardware, and paint them in your favorite color Then, add some wheels on the bottom and a fancy knob in the front Place your rolling drawers under your bed and enjoy the extra space! 14 Hexagon Shelf Hexagon shelves are an eye candy! Plus, you can make your own in whatever color(s) you want and use them to store some small items Plus, they are simple, cheap, and fun to make

Buy 12 hexagonal mirrored tiles, 12 hexagonal gift boxes, and 12 pieces of double-sided wall mounting tape – that’s all you’ll need for this project Arrange the boxes and make a pattern of your choice Using the tape, attach each box to the center of each tile Then, hang everything on your wall, and your project is completed 13

Rolling Storage Crates Storage units can be pretty expensive, and they can take up a lot of space, which is never good news for small bedroom owners Fortunately, there are creative solutions that will help you gain more storage room without making your room too cluttered If you have some extra space under your bed, consider making rolling storage crates Your crates should fit perfectly under your bed, leaving no unused space Gather the wood for your crates, cut it in pieces and stain it

Then, use a drill to make crates, and add wheels on the bottom once you’re done If you want to, spray paint your crates and add hardware once they dry 12 Underbed Storage Idea by sawdust2stitches Here’s another storage idea for under your bed This one will really give you a lot of space, but it’s best to apply it on a bed that you don’t use on a daily basis

If you have a guest bed, that’s a perfect place for this storage idea Build a platform from wood pieces, attach legs to it, and make a base Next, add OSB (you will probably need to cut it to fit the platform), and place the whole structure under the bed To hide all the clutter, consider sewing a faux bed skirt – that will do the trick 11

Sliding Door Under $40 When lack of space is an issue, sliding doors can be a convenient solution If you think such doors are expensive, you are mistaken; you can build your own sliding door for less than $40 You’ll need two plumbing flanges, one plumbing angle bracket, a plumbing pipe, three hinged loops, two sheets of masonite, one bundle of 2×2’s, two small wheels, assorted nails, 20 wood screws, and some really basic tools Using a drill or a screwdriver, build the frame first Then, add wheels, hinged loops, the pipe, angles, and flanges

Level your door, mark holes for the screws, and attach the plumbing hardware to the wall That’s it; you can now check if your door is working properly 10 Bedside Pocket Organizer Pocket organizers are endlessly cute, but also useful Instead of buying expensive ones in fancy stores, sew up one on your own

First of all, pick a material for your pocket organizer – you can either choose one and use it on all pockets or pick different fabrics for each pocket Make the binding and start to sew Also, don’t forget to use Soft and Stable from ByAnnie’s on the inside of your organizer Once you’re done, use a non-slip shelf liner – it will help keep the organizer under the mattress 9

Comfy Pillow Beds If you love being extra comfy, try making this simple pillow bed that will make your leisure time the most relaxing experience Take two pillowcases, and pin top edges together Then, add a third pillowcase, and pin bottom edges together Take the fourth one and pin on the top again Next, sew pinned edges together and attach a handle

Stuff your pillowcases with pillows and your bed of pillows will be completed! 8 Old Cabinets to Two Bunk Beds with Storage for Girls If your daughters are sharing a small room, you know how problematic that can be While bunk beds might be convenient, kids often fight who will sleep on which bed; also, the bed provides no storage However, there’s a way to create enough storage room and have two separate beds for your girls’ room How? Believe it or not, by using kitchen cabinets! You can get any cheap old cabinets, paint them, and use them as mattress platforms

Apart from being extremely useful, the cabinets will look lit Also, your daughters will get to sleep on their unique beds and have all the extra storage for their clothes and toys 7 Over-the-Door Organizer Turned into Bedside Storage If you have no place where to put your books, magazines, or your phone, and you don’t have enough space for a nightstand in your bedroom, consider turning an over-the-door organizer into a bedside storage Fold the over-the-door storage in half and cut it with scissors

Put a rope through the holes on the top and use it to secure the organizer under your mattress, around the bed frame That’s it! You now have extra bedside storage 6 Updated Kitchen Command Center While a chalkboard may be convenient, it doesn’t look as good as a modern kitchen organizer In a few simple steps, you can create this gorgeous command center and make your kitchen look its best

Mounting the wall organizer is easy, and adding and removing the accessories is even easier In addition, the organizer is portable, and it has many sorting options Simply hang it on your wall, add some folders, files, little drawers, a small whiteboard, pictures, or whatever you like 5 DIY: Bed on Wheels If you love rearranging the furniture in order to find the perfect place for each piece in your room, you should make this portable bed on wheels

Apart from having a cool bed, you’ll be able to move it around with ease Gather all the materials you’ll need for your desired bed size, and start working! When it comes to tools, you’ll only need the basics Lay out the frame and start drilling When you finish, flip the bed frame upside down and add the wheels You can pick some fun ones, in vivid colors or patterns

Then, paint the frame, let it dry, and wipe it with a damp cloth Add the mattress and your bed will be ready to use! 4 Open Concept Rustic Modern Tiny House with Small Bed Even when the space is limited, a wide, open feeling can be achieved But, if you love sleeping on a nice comfy bed, you might be wondering if it’s possible to get the open concept without compromising on your bed The answer is yes! All you need to do is elevate your bed using garage door sliding hardware and lift system

That way, you can save space during the day, and lower your bed at night to sleep on it It’s easy – you can move it with a push of a button 3 Do-It-Yourself Bed with Drawers Drawers are many people’s favorite storage solutions They provide ample space while looking subtle and modern

Plus, you can put them almost anywhere To make more room in your bedroom, you can build a platform bed with drawers To get started, you’ll need a lot of plywood, wood shims, lumber, glue, screws, drawer slides, etc When it comes to tools, the list is pretty long, so make sure that you have everything you need More detail in description area

Building both the base and the drawers can be a bit challenging for a beginner, so consider getting an additional pair of hands for this project 2 DIY Upside-Down Optical Illusion Bookshelf Why buy a regular bookshelf when you can build one that nobody else has? Build your shelf upside-down, and all of your guests will ask you where you got it from Take a wood plank, paint it in your favorite color, and let it dry Then, take some elastic bands and tape them with a stapler in the middle of the wood plank, as densely as possible

The bands should fit your books, so check before you staple them Lastly, attach shelf brackets, and hang your shelf on the wall Add your books, and your upside-down shelf is complete! Before we get to number 1, I suggest you to press subscribe button if my channel is new you and bell icon beside it This way you'll get a new notification every time I published them 1 DIY Floating Organizer If you have no room for a closet, you can make a floating organizer easily

Take a hardwood round dowel, drill two holes one inch from both ends, and stain the dowel Once it dries, take two paracords, make a knot, and put the cords through the holes Add metal rings on the top of the paracords, secure with a knot, and hang the dowel on a heavy-duty ceiling hook Add some S-hooks, and you’re done! You can hang your clothes, bags, backpacks, etc without occupying a lot of space in your bedroom

What’s more, you can hang these floating organizers in your kitchen, bathroom, and hallway, too That’s it my fellow DIYers I hope you enjoyed my countdown through this list Before you go, like this video or share it with anyone close to you in your social media account Do liven up the comment box with your reaction or suggestions

And lastly, Until next time, Thanks for watching !

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