20 IKEA home makeover ideas

IKEA Offers You 20 Inexpensive Home Makeover Ideas Are you thinking of doing a makeover for your home but you are worried about the financial implications? Not to worry, IKEA offers you 20 inexpensive home makeover ideas to choose from IKEA’s reputation makes them a very well-known furniture retailer, and this implies that they have what it takes to give your home that makeover that it deserves

Next are the home makeover solutions that IKEA offers 20 Makeup Station When doing a makeover for a make-up station, you don’t have to worry about space Setting it up is very easy

A laptop table is suitable for small areas due to its small size and being made of steel and tempered glass; it lasts very long A Vittjso laptop table from IKEA sells for about $3999 With a price tag of about $1499, a Lennart Drawer is perfect for holding your beauty tools

Lastly, a make-up station cannot be completed without a mirror IKEA’s Karmsund Table Mirror best suits your budget costing about $1799, giving your home the feel of excellence that it deserves 19 Extend the Home Outside

Every home has an exterior side to it, and sometimes, the first impression is based on how the exterior part of your homes look therefore IKEA offers a wide range of potted plants that can add beauty to your surroundings Plants to choose from include; Margirata ($999), Succulent ($349), Ananas (12

99), Phalaenopsis ($799) amongst others including your favorites And what better way to stand your plants than with IKEA’s Solrosfro Plant stand costing only $1299 18

Room Dividing Wardrobe Using a clothes rail for your room dividing wardrobe is quite a necessity IKEA offers the Elvarli Clothes Rail ($500) which can be put together with or without an Elvarli shelf right on top of it Complete your room dividing wardrobe with a $4

99 Bumerang hanger for each of your clothes 17 Balcony: Chill Time! A balcony is not meant to be bare So if you have one in your house, $32500 worth of IKEA’s Falster Table and Two Benches is all you need to make a difference

Does the price make you flinch? Don’t! The furniture’s solid build makes it worth every penny The need to protect this beautiful piece of furniture from rain and sunlight becomes the next thing to consider The Ramso Umbrella ($999), is an easily movable and attachable umbrella best suits for your need 16

Let’s gardening in the rooftop If you ever decide to use your rooftop for gardening, please be sure to make use of the proper flooring so that you won’t have issues with the water drainage The IKEA’s Runnen Floor Decking ($229/square feet) is a very good option and that quality composting, IKEA’s Frakta Shopping Bag is perfect A medium sized shopping bag is priced at around $0

79 Sitting on IKEA’s Ps Vargo chair (2999) in your rooftop garden is the best way to conclude the makeover 15 Indoor Gardening

The first thing to do is to find a good spot that’s filled with natural sunlight The plant, put on a plant stand should be set up vertically from the corner IKEA’s Satsumas Plant Stand is a great option and it costs just $4999 IKEA’s Hindi Shelf Unit will do an outstanding job in keeping your gardening tools

This powder-coated steel shelf can be cleaned with ease and it lasts long giving it a worthy price of $5000 Complete the makeover in grand style with IKEA’s Socker Greenhouse bringing impeccable beauty to your house at just $1999 14

The Bathroom You often want to hang several things in your bathroom without disorganizing it S-hooks function well in this area but you would be needing a shower curtain rod for the s-hooks to hang on S-hooks and IKEA’s Hornen Shower Curtain Rod (1399) are a very good pair

Your wall will look better holding a wall cabinet $4999 will get you a wall cabinet that you can also put a storage in at IKEA Better still, you can opt for IKEA’s Brickan Mirror fitted with a storage unit That’s a mirror doubling as a storage unit and for a good price of $42

94 13 Outdoor Kitchen What is an outdoor kitchen without a grill? Get IKEA’s Klasen Charcoal Grill for the ultimate grill experience priced at about $5000

IKEA’s Grundtal Kitchen Cart comes in very handy when you need a place to put your food on At $14900, Grundtal Kitchen Cart comes with a strong and durable extra storage which is made of stainless steel Last and also important is the trash bin You don’t want your surroundings littered so, get IKEA’s Knod bin at $14

99 12 Indoor Kitchen The first thing you need to do is to replace that old faucet with a new one Not just any new faucet but with IKEA’s Elverdam Kitchen Faucet priced at about $149

00 The Elverdam Kitchen Faucet is fitted with energy and water saving mechanism that helps you minimize the flow of water while keeping the pressure constant It’s combination with IKEA’s Besta Storage which costs about $19000, is a work of art and you can also get them in any color of your choice The Droppar Jar ($5

99) and Gubbrora Rubber Spatula ($099) can also come in handy in the makeover of your indoor kitchen 11 Dining Room Your dining room is defined by the kind of tablecloth used, the type of glass holding your wine and the plate you eat with

This is why IKEA recommends it’s simple designed Fargrik Plate priced at about $249 Last on the makeover list is the tablecloth from IKEA which costs about $2499 10

Space-Saving Dining Table Having a very limited space for your dining table is not a barrier to having one IKEA’s NORBERG Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Tables ($3900) is exactly what you need And to compliment this table is IKEA’s Terie Folding chair which costs about $19

99 9 Outdoor Living Room Loads of fun and family time is best experienced outdoors as it makes a lot of space available The space made available is well used for the outdoor living room

IKEA’s Mastholmen armchair is a beautiful option to consider and it costs about $10000 but if you are on a budget, you can opt for the cheaper IKEA’s Kungsholmen priced at about $7400 After the chairs are set, a cabinet is in order IKEA Hindo cabinet ($69

00) fits into your outdoor living room perfectly 8 Living room and Bedroom Combination When a single room serves as the bedroom and living room simultaneously, a sofa that doubles as a bed after an easy conversion is best suited for such living situations IKEA Vallentuna Sleeper Seat Section is one of such sofas and it costs a whopping $360

00 IKEA always puts it’s customers financial situation into consideration so if you cannot afford that, you can go for IKEA Vallentuna Storage Seat Section priced at about $15725 Give life to your room with IKEA Besta shelf which goes for $15000 or $63

00 If you are particular about size, the smaller IKEA Knalbagae Hanging Organizer ($599) is a good and cheaper option 7 Living Room

You can do a makeover of your living room by adding a few new things to it There is a wide range of options ranging from the leather sofas to the fabric sofas to the sleeper sofas Although a bit expensive, these sofas are worth it IKEA Skogaby Loveseat ($57715) is the simplest of their leather fabric sofas

IKEA sleeper sofas cost more than $500 and IKEA Ektrop Sofa ($32215) is the lowest priced fabric sofa they have 6 Teenager Bedroom IKEA Lack Wall Shelf is a smart stationary storage that totally blends with your teenagers bedroom wall giving it a classy makeover and it is priced at about $14

99 But if you are interested in having a shelf that can stand without support from the wall, you can opt for IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit which goes for $10900 IKEA Gregor Swivel Chair ($9900) will go perfectly with the shelf

5 Bedroom What’s a bedroom without a warm, cozy and durable bed? There is a variety of beds to choose from based on your budget and taste IKEA Gjora Bed frame can be gotten for $19920 by people who possess an IKEA membership

The style of your bed frame can then be customized as you deem fit IKEA Puderviva Duvet Cover and Pillowcase gives unbelievable comfort at just $8999 You can complete your bedroom makeover with IKEA Nordli Modular 2-drawer Chest priced at about $8000

4 Children’s Bedroom Next, Let’s talk about a bed for the children’s bedroom Children seem to never stop growing up, so IKEA Busunge Extendable Bed comes to the rescue It can be pulled out to fit different levels of your child’s growth, and it costs about $199

00 Also, considering children’s affinity for the floor, IKEA offers a Hemmahos ($2999) that your children can play on IKEA Stuva Storage Bench which is the lowest priced amongst its kind gives plenty room for your children to keep all their stuff It costs $64

99 3 Work Room The Knuff Magazine File which costs $999 helps to organize variety of magazines that you can read during your leisure time

A table is a necessity for the work room IKEA wall-mounted drop-leaf table is coated with melamine which makes it last longer and makes cleaning easier It costs $3900 Complete the makeover of your work room with IKEA Svirvel Floor Lamp with 2 shades priced at $39

99 2 Family Room The family room is where family moments and memories are created A lot of family time can be spent with the children here, and so it is only proper to put in a bunk bed frame or toys

The bunk bed frame cost $11900 A wide range of toys are available Some of them are the Busa Children’s Tent ($999), Lillabo Toy Car ($3

99), and Lillabo Toy Figure ($499/ 5 pack) and last, No1 Have a Room for Yourself Your home makeover is not completed without your very own personalized room A place you can spend time doing the things you love doing

If reading is what you love doing, then this room can be regarded as your study room IKEA Ivar Shelving Unit will keep your entire book collection and costs $6900 Get extra comfort from IKEA Vedbo Chair priced at around $19900

And if you need a wall shelf, IKEA Ekby Wall Shelf is a great option and costs only $1399 That’s all for now, If you enjoy what you just learned, like this video, share it with anyone close to you, or better yet comment it Lastly, press subscribe button if this channel is brand new to you and see you again in the next video thanks for watching

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