20 Home Decor Project ideas for a Timeless, Modern Home

Your home should be the place where you feel most comfortable So, it should be entirely to your taste

Unfortunately, interior designers and fancy decorations can be very expensive, and most people can’t afford magazine-like homes Luckily, there are countless things that you can do on your own in order to make your home more appealing Even if you don’t have any experience, you will be able to handle some straightforward do-it-yourself projects that will make your home beautiful If you are ready to try out some wicked home decor ideas, stay tuned here comes the list of 20 home decor project ideas for a timeless, Modern home that you can do on your own by simphomecom

20 A Floating-Top Table Why settle for a standard table when you can have one with a floating top? Besides looking elegant, open, and light, this type of table allows you to be creative Furthermore, the space around the upper legs and the aprons will accentuate the beauty of the wood To make a floating-top table, start from the standard assembly of four aprons joined to four legs Then, place the top of the table on the shorter pair of aprons (which extend above the level of longer ones)

You won’t even have to use cross rails 19 Hollywood-Style Mirror Nothing says “classy” like mirrors do What’s more, if you live in a small place, mirrors can give the illusion of more space Not to mention that they are not only beautiful but very useful, too

You must have seen gorgeous mirrors with lights in Hollywood movies and now you can have one as well First of all, you’ll need a mirror and some light bulbs, naturally Also, you’ll need a frame for the bulbs – it’s best to choose a wooden one, as metal isn’t safe You’ll need to measure the wood, mark the points where you want to place the bulbs,and then drill large holes Next, paint the wood, attach the wood strips to the mirror, cut the wires, place the bulb holders on the frame, and that’s it! 18

Fun Ruler Growth Chart If you have kids, this ruler growth chart is an amazing way to measure your kids growth and decorate your home at the same time Plus, you’ll have fun making it! To get started, you’ll need a 6-foot board (10’’x1’’), small and large numbers (just print them out), stain, clear sealer, paint pen, and a regular pen Sand your board, measure the place on the wall where you want to hang it, lay it down, place the big numbers on it and tape them down To stain a design on the wood, lay the pattern down and tape it Use a pen to trace the design and start staining it in

When the stain dries, seal the board Finally, mark the board in inches, add some photos of your kids, and hang your chart! 17 Dollar Store DIY: Vintage Locker Bins You can never have enough storage bins However, most of them come in neon colors that aren’t exactly timeless or modern Luckily, you can turn them into vintage locker bins in a few simple steps

To get the perfect metal look, use some spray paint it sticks really well Then, you can add little gold/bronze tags that will achieve the vintage feel Simply poke a hole through the plastic and attach the tags And, that’s it! Your vintage locker bins are done 16

Beautiful DIY Tatami-Style Platform Bed A Tatami-style platform bed isn’t only an eye candy, but it’s also comfortable to sleep on To build one yourself, you’ll probably need a bit of experience, as the process is slightly complicated If you know someone who is handy, let them assist you First of all, you’ll need to work on your wood, taking all the dimensions individually in order to make the four pieces that will hold the feet together Next, you need to cut the rail joints, build the headboard, and attach the mattress supports

To give the bed some shine, apply a spray lacquer finish 15 Convertible Cube Seat To make a convenient cube seat that can also look like an amazing decoration for your home, you’ll need two 18’’ x 18’’ board, some wood glue, and three 16” x 18” boards Once you glue them in a cube, use nails to make the cube more stable Then, sand the cube, apply a wood conditioner, remove any excess with a cloth, stain, and seal

Take another 16’’ x 16’’ board, put some adhesive on it, and add a foam board Use a piece of fabric and secure it with a stapler over the board Then, glue a piece of wood on top of it, add some wheels to your cube, and you are all done! 14 Modern LED Desk Lamp Powered by 5V USB With a modern LED desk lamp, your home office will start looking its best in no time To make this lamp, you’ll need a miter saw, ¾’’ and 1 ¾’’ hole saw and Forstner drill bit, and a belt sander

Also, you’ll need an LED strip, wood, acrylic, a dowel, some glue, and a finish The wood of your choice and acrylic have to be exactly the same size, so be careful while cutting Once you’re done with cutting, drill center cavities in both the wood and acrylic Attach the LED strip, glue, clamp, sand the sides, and apply a finish Let everything dry and enjoy your new lamp! 13

DIY Faux Roman Shades Forget about plain curtains or drapes; Roman shades are the next big thing! They are useful,and they look amazing Plus, you can select whichever design suits you Firstly, measure your window, iron the fabric that you chose (it can even be an old curtain or bed sheet), fold the sides so that the fabric fits the window, and cut the excess material Next, cut overlapping corners and glue everything, leaving a 1-inch hem, and let it dry Get a tension rod, place your fabric on it, and hang it on the window

Then, put two more rods below, and drape the fabric around them, securing everything with a pin 12 Rolling DIY Bookshelf | Restoration Hardware Knock Off If you have an empty space that’s annoying you, consider building a rolling bookshelf It will look great, and it will help you stay organized Moreover, you won’t need more than $50 for this modern industrial-style shelf

To get started, you’ll need wooden boards, sandpaper, metal caster wheels, corner brackets, an EMT pipe, and screws Start by cutting the wood; then, drill pocket holes, attach legs, the top, and add the wheels You can make your shelf as tall (or short) as you like Also, be creative with the finish you can choose whatever color or wood style you like 11

DIY Storage Cabinet Using Cheap Cube Units There’s no reason to throw away those cheap cube units that have been lying around for months you can turn them into cabinets! You’ll only need some panels and basic tools to pull off this project Once you apply the panels to the cube units and let everything dry, move on to building the door Measure everything carefully, cut it on the table saw, add some 1×3 wood pieces and secure with glue Sand everything, apply paint, and your cabinet is done! 10 Hidden Shoe Cabinet Shoe cabinets are a necessity, but did you know that you can make a shoe cabinet that doesn’t look like one? That’s right, in a few simple steps, you can make a hidden shoe cabinet

Build the frame first, and then customize the pull-out shelves to fit your boots, shoes, sneakers, etc Install drawer slides, and apply a wood filler to the holes Use a stain that you love for the finish, and enjoy your custom-made hidden shoe cabinet! Also, enjoy all the free space where your shoes used to be 9 A Large-Scale Rug from Scratch Believe it or not, you can make a budget-friendly rug using cotton piping

For this project, you’ll need multi-use netting, cotton piping (you can get it on Amazon), small rubber bands, and scissors Before you start, decide on the size of your rug and then roll out the length of the netting you need and cut the pieces using scissors Then, cut pieces of cotton piping (each should be about 4 inches long) Weave the cut pieces in between the net, pull upward and tie them with a rubber band That’s all it takes

Repeat the steps until you’ve covered up the netting and then enjoy your fluffy, one-of-a-kind rug 8 Accordion Hanger Hack If you have mugs and cups all over your kitchen counter, then you know how annoying that can be Luckily, you can easily solve this problem by building a fancy-looking hanger Take an accordion hanger and screw it horizontally into the wall in your kitchen

Use the hooks to hang your mugs and declutter your kitchen counter It’s that easy literally, anyone who owns a drill can do this “estimated” in a matter of minutes Once you’re done, enjoy all the extra space! 7 West Elm Bench Knock-Off from $594 to $15 Have you fallen in love with the West Elm bench, but you refuse to pay $594 for it? Well, you are not alone But, don’t despair yet

In a few simple steps, you can build your own West Elm bench, for $15! You’ll need a 2 x 4 x 92 stud, 2 – ½’’ constructions screws, 2 x 12 x 4 treated lumber, spray paint, stain, and ultra-polyurethane Use a miter saw to cut all the pieces, then use a drill to set everything in place, and lastly, paint your bench! 6 Clever DIY Rustic Cooler Have you ever seen a rustic cooler and thought that it looked amazing? Well, if you have, then get ready to make your own Start by removing the handles and the drain, then trace the lid upside down on top of plywood, cut it, and build a frame around it Next, cut and attach the legs, add skid wood to the top, and start framing the lid

Once you’re done, add handles, and that’s it! You can decorate your cooler with random letters, symbols, etc Also, you can paint it in whatever color you like 5 Scrabble Tiles To add a unique piece of decor to your home, consider making Scrabble tiles! Before you get started, decide what names you want done in scrabble tiles and then lay them out To make the tiles, use a 1 x 6 at 8 feet long piece of wood that will give you around 25 tiles

Sand the tiles, apply one coat of stain and let them dry overnight Next, size and cut your letters out and center them on the tiles Finally, apply a coat of triple-thick varnish in a satin finish and let dry Hang your scrabble tiles and enjoy the view! 4 Painting Cabinets Painting your cabinets is a fun and cheap way to transform your home

But, before you start painting, you need to prepare your cabinets Wipe the cabinets down to remove gunk and dust, and check if they need sanding Also, remove the cabinet doors and the hardware Next, you need to choose the right paint it should go on smoothly, dry quickly, and last for a long time Two coats of paint will suffice, and you can use either a roller or a brush

Also, it’s a good idea to test the color before you paint everything Finally, don’t forget to add the hardware it will make a big difference 3 Giant Pegboard DIY Empty walls can feel cold and uninviting, but you can easily transform them with a giant pegboard that’s easy to make You’ll need a sheet of plywood, one standard pegboard, four 1’’x 2’’ x 3

5” pieces of wood, 1’’ drill bit, a drill, nail gun, and a level Decide on the spacing of your holes, stack your plywood face up, and start drilling You have to make sure that the drill is at a 90-degree angle while you drill To install the boards on the wall, you’ll need at least two people Install the four pieces of wood and mount the boards on them

Add shelves, and you are done! 2 A Secret Storage Table Do you tend to leave your gadgets, food, or other items on your coffee table? Wouldn’t it be great if you had some extra space? Well, you can make it! Remove the legs from your square coffee table, turn the top upside down and cut a square, leaving approximately an inch on all sides Save the square you cut, get rid of the content inside the table, and apply glue to the sides Next, add four wooden pieces to the sides, add more glue in the middle, and put the square back Paint everything, make another identical square, drill together, add a spring, and you’ll have made yourself some space inside of your table! Before we get to number 1, I suggest you to press subscribe button if my channel is new you and bell icon beside it

This way you'll get a new notification every time I published them 1 Wooden Crate Wooden crates are very versatile you can use them to build so many things If you are in need of a modern-looking shelf, you can make one from crates, too Simply screw in two pieces of wood to all four sides of the crate, as if making legs Make two or three of these, and place them on top of one another, thus making a shelf

Then, just add some books, flowers, or decorative items, and your custom-made shelf will be complete! That’s it fellow Home décor lovers I hope you enjoyed my countdown through this list Before you leave, like this video or share it with anyone close to you in your social media account Do liven up the comment box with your reaction or suggestions And lastly, Until next time, Thanks for watching


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