20 Decor Projects That Will Upgrade Your Home

Even the most perfectly done up homes are like canvases that can do with a splash of creativity And contrary to popular notion, you don’t need bottomless pockets to decorate your home

Frugality is the order of the day folks and hereare twenty ideas that will rev up the aesthetics and boost up the functionality of your home without costing an arm and a leg Next, this is 20 Decor Projects That will upgrade your Home by simphomecom 20 Fun DIY Indoor Succulent Garden with Mini Lights If you are still not hooked on to indoor succulents, then here’s a great way to get started This DIY succulent garden looks great in the day and blinks away in the night

It has LED lights, a nifty little camper van and a bunch of plants in a bounty of colors and hues The best part, it can be done in a few hours and doesn’t cost more than $50, especially if you already have the plants at home You can decorate this in a million different ways with lego and small figurines or go creative with the plant lay outs PS

When exposed to a surplus of light, succulents develop a natural blush that looks out of the world 19 Custom DIY pallet HOME shelf Unless you were living under a rock, you must have seen the amazing ‘Love’ shelf that went trending a while back on Pinterest Here’s a cheaper but equally amazing replica This one spells ‘HOME’ and it’s an easy way to create a focal point to display all your favorite memoirs

All you need is some pallet pieces, a staple gun, some wood glue and some chalk paint Bingo! You have your own custom DIY Pallet home shelf It can be wall mounted using the saw tooth picture hangers and it can go anywhere from your living room to your study 18 DIY Gold Leaf Map Art Hate that empty wall staring at you? Or those mundane photos on the wall that look outdated? Replace them with Map art

Maps are vintage but they still blend in with just about any décor theme And it’s even better when you have some sparkle to go along with it This DIY Map art is painless to make and it looks stunning You can have different countries or continents in different colors We highly recommend metallic

Net damage? Less than $20 (minus the frames) 17 DIY Retro Diamond Focal Wall Another way to revive that insipid looking empty wall is to make it a painted focal wall If you are drastically short of ideas or if painting isn’t your cup of tea, then here’s an easy DIY tutorial to help you get going This is a retro diamond design that has loads of color and has a pop-out effect It creates the perfect focal point for your furniture and is roughly an hour’s work at best

Your tools? Some painter’s tape and some paint Also, we love the detailing on this tutorial It certainly takes the guesswork out of the whole thing 16 DIY letter board A message, an emoji, a quote, your short term goal, a letter board is aesthetic and functional at the same time

Here’s an easy DIY way to create a beautiful textured letter board with small wood dowels, some glue and some felt There are umpteen ways to customize it and you can easily change the message every day It can be wall mounted or displayed on your desk And it won’t cost more than $25 to make That’s décor on a budget for you

15 DIY Mounted Shelving Shelves add personality to a wall and in a micro apartment or a small room, they are the easiest way to organize your things without looking cluttered This DIY mounted shelving tutorial shows youa no-brainer way to create your own customized shelves The keyword here is ‘customized’ Irrespective of whether you need shelves to store your books or one to accommodate your TV or gaming console, this can be tweaked to make that possible

It’s cost effective, easy and customizable What more can you ask for? 14 Hemnes Lift-Top Coffee Table The author hacked this one straight from IKEA and it’s a brilliant way to avoid reaching out for your munchies while having coffee Just lift the top of the table and pull it towards you When not in use, the top locks back into its original position

It’s comfortable, practical and looks sweet This DIY tutorial saves you tons of money as well The lift-top hinges are sourced from china and with some planning, you can convert any existing table into a lift-top one PS

Add some hidden storage space in the support area that you will create for those hinges Tuck away secret messages or your favorite candies in them 13 Recycled Leather & Wood Shelf A couple of thick, worn leather straps and two old wood boards are all that you need to make this beautiful floating shelf It looks straight out of a thrift shop and creates the perfect conversation piece for your living room

As always, the horizons are wide when it comes to customizing this to your liking Colored leather, exotic leather, layered shelves, painted ones, we are already excited thinking about the ways in which this can be tweaked And you can size it up or down folks 12 Minimalist Concreate stool for your indoor garden plant Houseplants do a lot more than cleaning the air

They can liven up a space with some much needed color and when displayed right, they can easily accentuate the aesthetics of the room Here’s a minimalistic concrete stool that can be the perfect pedestal for your indoor plant Have string of pearls? Swap those hanging pots for this concrete stool and let the cascading layered effect pop out All you need is some concrete and three wooden dowels You can also paint this or add glass concrete aggregates to create a smooth countertop like surface

11 Engineering prints = inexpensive large wall art This little inspiration will probably bring a new smile on your children's face At least for few weeks I hope This idea requires 18×24 engineer prints, white-coated particleboard, wood stain, and Rust-Oleum Navy Blue Spray Paint

First, call your local print shop before you proceed to the next step It is important because printing images as an engineer print demand more inks and your print shop will probably reject your project So, confirm them first Next, when you select your image, find photos with at least 25-50% white background area If your favourite photos are too cluttered with various images, you can edit them first in photoshop or Gimp or let someone in Fiverr does the job for you for few dollars

10 DIY side table The precious few minutes of leisure on the couch can be interrupted if you have to reach out frequently for that mug of cuppa or for your snacks This DIY side table solves the problem It has legs that slide under your couch while the top of the table rests perfectly on the armrests of your sofa or club chair It is incredibly easy to make and it looks stunning

Perfect for that weekend woodworking project PS: If you intend to use this as a parking space for heavier objects, then you might want to attach the top to the legs using screws rather than using glue as mentioned in the tutorial 9 DIY Decorative Vases with Shurgard A new décor item is only a ‘repurpose’ away

Put your old glass vases or even a tumbler or a utensil holder to good use and convert them into decorative vases They can be so useful to store the tiny nick knacks that otherwise get lost in the labyrinth that homes tend to be Your tools will be spray paint for a stone or a glitter effect, some bamboo placemats and some glue You can even create a cluster of these as planters for your indoor plants 8

DIY Bead Chandelier We don’t blame you for drooling over pictures of a bead chandelier that went viral on social media It does look drool worthy The best part is that you don’t have to spend $500 to buy it online With some spare time and some effort, you can make your own one Here’s an easy DIY tutorial for you

You will need wooden beads of varying sizes, embroidery hoops, twine, scissors, some glue, drill, a handsaw and some pliers It sounds a lot more difficult than it is If you have no experience with embroidery, then this is a great way to learn some of the basics Oh, almost forgot! Total damage is less than $180 Amazing, isn’t it? 7

Himmeli DIY Light Fixture without welding You don’t really need to be a rye farmer to have a Himmeli light fixture hanging over your dining table It’s one of the most ornate décor pieces that you can add to your home But if you have been wondering how you’d be able to replicate those crazy geometrical patterns (we certainly did), then here’s the guide that you need This DIY light fixture guide gives you a complete blueprint to creating your own Himmeli light fixture You make it out of lollipop sticks or thick plastic sticks that are hollow from the inside

At the end of the project, you will be left wonderstruck at how easy it turned out to be 6 Terrazzo Attraction: Super-Easy DIY Magnet Tutorial Terrazzo is making a comeback of sorts and why not It’s versatile, cheap, durable and aesthetic But if a home flooring remodel is out of bounds for now, then here’s an easier way to show your love for terrazzo

These Terrazzo styled magnets will add a speckle of color on your refrigerator door or just about any metallic surface that you fancy The DIY is straightforward and they can be cut into a variety of geometric shapes 5 Beautiful DIY Rope Planter There’s something about rope that gives it a rustic charm when used for décor Be it for hanging or for more creative purposes like this rope planter, it will surely make for a minimalistic, but interesting addition to your home

This DIY method uses ½” thick white cotton rope But the sky is the limit here You can also experiment with thicker, colored varieties of rope to create this Some hot glue and a planter to use a mold and you are done The results will awe you

4 Magic Magnetic Planter Guess we can never have enough of magnets and planters So we club the two to give you this amazing magic planter It can be perfect for your indoor plants and it looks surreal when the planter can be mounted to any metallic surface without the need for hooks or screws The method is a little labor intensive

But in the end, those floating planters make it completely worth the time You can experiment with shapes, sizes and color PS Use milk paint and then sand the surface to create a vintage, distressed looking floating planter

3 DIY Magnetic Picture Frame Yeah, we warned you about our love for magnets Here’s another project that gives you a svelte-looking picture frame for your favorite photographs or posters A couple of wooden slats, magnets and a leather strap is all that it takes It is uncomplicated, easy to mount and customize

You can change the picture at any time as well 2 “DIY IT” A gold piple curtain Rod When it comes to using metallic décor, copper tops the list in popularity And for good reason It has an old world industrial charm to it and it acquires an amazing patina with time

If you were looking for inspiration to add some copper to your home, then here’s a DIY curtain rod that looks straight out of the boiler room of the Titanic It involves copper rods and you have the option to spray paint it with any metallic color of your choice The author of the tutorial used gold spray paint But personally, we prefer letting copper age naturally Well, it’s up to you really

Here’s the preview for you anyway And it looks stunning as always Before we got number one, I suggest you to press subscribe button if my channel is new to you and the bell icon beside it That way you can get notification everytime I published new video 1Rainbow Cloud Lamp This rainbow cloud lamp is the stuff that party dreams are made of It features an interactive light that syncs with your smartphone and flickers according to the beats of the songs you play

But that’s not it It looks like a cloud hanging in your room and if the track has thunder or lightning sounds, then the light pattern mimics a real thunder cloud While the original light that was the inspiration for this tutorial costs well above $3000, this one can be made in less than $300 Don’t blame us if you want to make a bunch of these for all rooms in your home Conclusion What do you think DIYers? How many of these crazy décor pieces are going to adorn your homes? Do share some thought in comment area

That's it fellow home decor lovers, I hope you enjoy my countdown in this list Before you leave, Like this video or share with anyone close to you in you social media account, an lastly, until next time, thanks for watching

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