12 Modern Bathroom Makeovers

If you want to make your bathroom more functional, more spacious, and more attractive You have several alternatives to achieve this

Here are a few things that will help you get results without straining your purse These next solutions helped many bathroom owners in two ways Helped their bathrooms looked and felt better and more fun to use To get there, all they did was to use better themes and colors and modern technology Not to mention cheered up things some more with fresh painting and new lighting

This time we are going to talk about 12 Modern bathroom makeovers by simphomecom I hope you'll enjoy what you'll learn, and let's start our countdown 12 Make Your Small Bathroom look larger I would like to share a few ideas on how you could make your small bathroom look much larger

These little steps offer more than an optical illusion They also make the bathroom more convenient If your bathroom wall was divided into sections, making it look smaller than it is You can overcome this problem by using a single material for the entire wall By removing the bathtub and enclosing the shower area with a glass door, you could give a full view of your bathroom

Choosing the right size of accessories also made a big difference Oversized accessories take up too much space and make the rest of your room look smaller Getting small-sized accessories is not easy, but I am sure you could manage it 11 Spruce up your bathroom using Standard Fixtures and A Dash of creativity Here is another bathroom makeover option

It involved replacing the flooring, vanity, toilet, bathtub, and fitting a new door It also involved updating and renewing electrical, shower, and sink fixtures You can also put up new wallpaper But first, you have to use standard fixtures and add a bit of creativity to them For example, transform your standard shower into a classic looking one with a subway tile

Replace the knobs in the vanity with glass knobs The bathtub takes on a custom look with a front panel These are little things, but they make a big difference 10 Get A Dashing new bathroom through a complete makeover You can opt for a complete makeover in your bathroom

Changing the floor tile is easy Simply glue the new vinyl tiles on top of the old floor Next, fix MDF boards on the wall and paint them Find the perfect mirror and a vintage doorknob in your stash You could have bought them at the local store, but if you failed to find such vintage ones that you want, do some hack

For instance, fix your Faux Roman shade After cutting it to the proper size, make the pockets with Stitch Witch No sewing 9 Upgrade Your light and make it more trendy As part of your bathroom makeover, if necessary, decide to change the lighting

It is something that many people had postponed, as they could not decide on what to replace it with It is also scared about the time it would take As things turned out, it proved to be simple and took little time You could find the right fixtures from George Nelson Bubble Lamps They have the variety to suit every type and size of bathroom

Replacing the old fixtures with the new ones involved some time and effort, but that should be manageable 8 Place a Portable bathtub and make your bathroom cooler! I was thrilled to find this portable bathtub, which provides the owner with the luxury of a full-fledged bathtub within the limited space It is foldable so that those who owned it could put it away after use The product is insulated, which meant you could use it in hot or cold conditions

It was flexible but robust Cleaning it is easy You could just rinse it with a handheld water spray and then let out the water from the drainage at the bottom It is made of melamine, making it environmentally friendly too 7

Paint the ceramic floor and give it a new look You can paint the ceramic floor of your bathroom without any problem at all The first step is to clean the floor you plan to paint This is easy, as you just have to mop the floor After cleaning the floor, apply two coats of the base paint You have to be careful not to walk over the patterns that you had made out

Painting the topcoat, which is the next step, is quite easy, but you have to wait for a few hours after the base coat Let the base coat lie overnight Finish the topcoat efficiently in one step 6 Convert your bathroom and make it more colorful Here's how you can convert a bathroom that had outlived itself

You have to make the bathroom look better and easier to use for everyone First, you need to brighten up the bathroom with brightly colored tiles, visually appealing vanity with more storage, and accessories blended with the rest of the bathroom It will give you the best in terms of convenience Next, paint the themes on the wall tiles yourself to save on the massive cost of wallpapers Replace the two-piece vanity with a single large cabinet with a lot of covered storage space

If you were lucky, you could find high-quality accessories at a reasonable cost to complete your bathroom makeover more about this information in the description area 5 Enjoy the grace of a natural bathroom When you embark on your bathroom makeover, you probably wonder how you could make it more exciting and functional That's when the idea of looking outdoors occurred to me You could make your bathroom attractive and functional by using natural materials

The problem is that natural materials wear out quickly You can overcome this problem by using Laminex ® AbsoluteGrain ® You could also get natural light into your bathroom with a high window The high window allowed natural light in but shielded the bather from peeping Toms To add style, use natural colors and textures and infused some greenery using Laminex ® Impressions ®

Add low-cost plants like aloe vera to make the bathroom greener To prevent the walls from aging fast, opt for plain walls that had the brickwork exposed 4 Make your bathroom lively with animal themes Animal themes can make the bathroom bright, colorful, and, well, animated! That's what I found and plunged right into them to spruce up my 12-modern bathroom makeover list There was such a wide variety I acquired during my research, and it was all so fascinating that I soon decided to broaden my definition of animals

Now it included all kinds of fascinating insects, caricatures of wild animals, fish, birds, and harmless domesticated pets Another option available was to choose a few large themes or many small themes I opted for the latter Although this might make the wall appear cluttered initially, I bet it will provide the right amount of variety over time 3

Get more storage space by building it behind the mirror Storage space behind the mirror can save space You can make one for yourself using commonly available materials First, buy a mirror from the local store and use ¼" plywood for the shelf Cut the plywood into strips of 16" and wider sheets of 64" To attach these, Make pocket holes in the strips

After sanding these pieces, Attach the strips using pocket screws Follow this up by attaching the braces It is then time for attaching the shelves Space out the shelves evenly and connected them through pocket holes The next item is the mirror

Fix this using mirror glue Once the shelf is ready Attached it to the wall using studs 2 Take off with these futuristic ideas Here's how you can build a futuristic mirror for your bathroom – the kind of stuff you only see in movies

The mirror displays the current date and time on one side On the opposite side, it shows the temperature and the weather forecast for the next 24 hours The bottom part displays headlines from the latest news Pretty cool if I may say so myself You could do this easily

First, Fit a display panel and controller board to a two-way mirror That will do the trick Improve the looks with arts and crafts items if necessary You can fetch and display the date, time, and news with a few lines of code using Android APIs 1

Make your bathroom accessible without sacrificing convenience While considering bathroom makeovers, you probably think it would be nice to start with ideas for increasing accessibility You could easily do this using readily available products that suit your particular requirements But if you don't want to stop there and you resolve not to sacrifice on style either Use flexible designs to achieve this One of the things you can choose is to provide a side door, ust like in the picture

Those without special needs could get more space The main entrance comes with a shorter passage Another thing you can do is to keep a folding chair This is useful for a physically challenged person For others, it can be folded and kept out of the way

After researching different bathroom makeovers and looking at the available options, I found that one has a wide variety of options With a little creativity and patience, you can easily find the things that you need for the makeover that you have in mind That is true of literally everything – accessories, materials, tiles, or paints The real test involves selecting the right combination of materials and putting them to use in the right way You also have a wide variety of choice of what you could do

You could go for a complete makeover and replace everything in the bathroom You could make smaller changes like changing the light fixtures or painting the wall or floor In the end, what matters is that you love what you get I have spoken about big changes I have also tried to share a few crucial tweaks that people generally overlook

I talked about how you can improve your bathroom accessibility And you could achieve this without asking others to sacrifice their comforts I also shared some ideas on how to make a small bathroom look bigger The best part is that you could make your bathroom look gorgeous using everyday materials and simple processes

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