12 Minimalist Bedroom Organization Tips

A minimalist bedroom can provide a peaceful and stress-free atmosphere But keeping one with minimal clutter isn't as easy as it sounds

We usually have a lot of items that make it hard to avoid making a mess These twelve tips will help you maintain that minimalistic look in your bedroom In the video, we are going to learn 12 Minimalist Bedroom Organization Tips by Simphomecom Follow the link inside the description area to detail our list, and without further ado, let's start the countdown

12 Use The Space Under Your Bed Efficiently There's ample room under the bed that many people don't take advantage of, especially those who need it the most! Besides the bed linen, it's an excellent place to store your rolled-up jeans Other items that will sag after a while on hangers, such as sweaters, are candidates for storing under the bed Here are a few options for utilizing and maximizing this bonus space Built-in bed frame storage If you're in the market for a new bed frame, consider picking one with large drawers

They'll help you free up more space in your closets Bed risers These items, for example, are excellent for bed posts and will add more vertical storage Some are even stackable if you need more space Storage bins These bins, for instance, are stackable, also come in various sizes, and the product designer designed the product to slide easily in and out from under your bed 11

Artwork on Walls This simple yet elegant DIY painting project can make your walls look more stylish and less busy Those with neutral colors are particularly effective You can create one similar to the example above All you need is a blank white canvas, some black acrylic paint, and a brush If you have a fresh canvas, you can get away with not painting it white

Load your brush with enough black paint Then make even upward strokes from the bottom until you've filled up the lower part Mount it on a simple black wooden frame to achieve a more minimalistic effect 10 Organize Your Skincare and Makeup No matter how pretty and colorful most of these cosmetic bottles are, they can look downright messy when bunched together or scattered all over the place

An excellent makeup organizer case will help reduce any cosmetics clutter Typical organizers have several compartments and drawers to help group related items together It will be easier for you to find the things you need at a mere glance Some even have removable dividers and containers and give you more flexibility when storing different sized items Its compact size makes it more discrete yet can substantially reduce the mess your makeup haul makes

9 Excess Decorative Pillows Who doesn't love decorative pillows? Most of us appreciate how they liven up a bedroom or living room and make them feel cozier However, having too much of a good thing can also be harmful, and the same applies to pillows Remove the ones you least like and leave only a reasonable number of them Pillows get moved around a lot, but make it a habit to keep arranging them back into place

That way, they'll stay tidy on any bed, sofa, or chair you place them 8 Have a Functional and Clutter-Free Nightstand Table Even the small surface of nightstands tends to become a clutter magnet They can have all sorts of things on them, such as your smartphone, wristwatches, jewelry, pills, bills, keys, reading glasses, a diary, your Kindle – you name it That's why it's important to have ones with storage spaces that are within easy reach

That way, you can conveniently put these items away, and also access them quickly Leave only bare essentials such as an alarm clock and keep it clean and clear of clutter There's even a workaround with reading lamps (more on that later) 7 Organize Your Closet Finding the means to make a closet more organized and save space shouldn't be too difficult

Just as long as you don't let clutter reach unmanageable levels, it won't become a significant issue It doesn't have to be the Holy Grail in getting a clutter-free bedroom Keeping everything in place is an ongoing process But after a while, it may revert to a messy rat's nest if you let it The first things you must do are to empty the closet and then clean it

Identify any items you don't have any use for and get rid of them You can store your items by category and design the storage space accordingly You can do simple things like rolling pajamas and jeans, and go as far as color-coding your wardrobe 6 Minimalist Laundry Basket When we change clothes, we often contribute to the clutter by discarding them on the floor or in a hideous laundry basket

A pleasant-looking burlap storage basket or bag with some rope handles or a drawstring will help contain your dirty laundry in style You can also organize different types of laundry in separate bags Not only are they convenient to carry around, but they're also very durable As a bonus, they also look trendy and chic These cloth bags are also washable and reusable

You can toss them into the washing machine along with your soiled items 5 Get a Small Trash Bucket Another chic addition that could replace your ordinary wastebasket is a small garbage pail or trash bucket Besides looking better, the handles also make it easier to dispose of trash than a typical wastebasket Pretty much any pail can be used for the same function

What separates these from other metal buckets is their more stylish and glossy finish Manufacturers designed them to look good and add a little more charm to your bedroom without screaming for attention Besides their usefulness, they're very sturdy and will also go well with a minimalistic bedroom theme 4 Choose Mounted Lights Instead of Table Lamps and Floor Lamps Wall-mounted lights or those dangling from the ceiling provide another way to declutter your nightstand table

They don't get in the way, and there's zero chance of knocking them off while you're sleepily reaching for your alarm clock button If you want to focus the light more closely on what you're doing, consider a task lighting model that lets you position the sconce around They also come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes So you're sure to find one that will fit in a minimalistic setting 3

Go For Decor That Does Double Duty Instead of having a ladder, shoe rack, and more shelves, why not build a simple step ladder with a 3-in-1 function? That would be a great space saver You can use the lower rungs as a sandal and shoe rack The higher ones can be shelving to place a few decorative knick-knacks And since it's primarily a ladder, you can use it for that purpose as well Moreover, it's a no-brainer to build one yourself

Just remember that it has a slight incline The angle of the steps should be the same as the sawed-off base I recommend that you glue rubber feet under the base for more stability and prevent scratches on your flooring 2 Bring in the Plants Almost all interior decorators will incorporate a few houseplants into their proposals

Aside from the well-known benefits they bring indoors, people use houseplants primarily as decorative elements Some of the best plants to put in a minimalist bedroom are succulents They're tiny and usually fit in small containers like mugs They won't overwhelm interiors like other larger plants, and they're pretty low-maintenance Just as equally fun are the receptacles to put them in

My favorite material happens to be Sugru, as it allows me to be more creative and add a personal touch to my planters Before I wrap this list up, thanks to keeping playing this video; if you like what you see, care to support this channel by pressing the subscribe button under the video It benefits nearly half dozens of people working behind the video, and let's return to our final countdown 1 Choose an Accent Arguably one of the most challenging aspects of makeovers for many people is finding suitable artwork

Picking the right art is – more often than not – a hit-or-miss affair Art is subjective, and sometimes there's that nagging thing about an accent that doesn't seem to fit a particular room While it isn't rare to find ones that would work, there's always the chance that you'll bring home something that doesn't It could have wrong dimensions, or the colors could be off If you have the knack for it, it's sometimes best to create your work of art

You can fine-tune the details until it becomes a better accent to your bedroom With your art, you can adjust its size to match the space and choose tints that blend well with your bedroom's color palette Conclusion Some people love the simplicity and elegance of a minimalistic style that's devoid of any clutter They also appreciate the orderliness it brings to their lives For others, a stark bedroom takes some getting used

They eventually end up filling out the empty areas, which contributes to the mess As clutter continues to pile up, it will be much harder to deal with later It pays to know how to organize all your stuff, regardless of your bedroom and home's style A little organization will go a long way in reducing stress from worrying about the mess And you can avoid the headache of searching hours on end for misplaced items

A more manageable bedroom is easier to clean and will free up more time to do other things Adopting this mindset may also improve other aspects of your life dramatically That's it for now Before this video end, feel free to use the comment area to express your thought or reaction Like or share it with anyone close to you in social media if you think the video deserves more attention

I hope you enjoy your stay, and until we meet again later sometime in the future, have a great day and stay safe!

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