12 Bedroom Makeovers On A Budget Ideas

Did you just move into a new home where you have a dull-looking bedroom? Or maybe you're in an old one that's begging for a more updated look In any case, let me share a dozen ways to make your bedroom come alive

With a dash of creativity, you can transform it into a sanctuary where you will want to spend more time In this video, we are going to discuss 12 bedroom makeovers on a budget idea compiled by Simphomecom I hope you'll like it, and without further ado, let's begin our countdown 12

Pompom Your Curtains Using some different colored yarn, you can make delightful pompom patterns that would make any bland-looking curtain pop out For this project, you'll need a 1-inch pompom maker Make around 50 balls in bright pink, red, green, and yellow colors for each curtain They're sewn at the center or base and spread out evenly five inches apart across the small white curtains These are fun details that will add more whimsy to a bedroom

Remember that the curtains must be ironed out first for best-looking results 11 Gold Geometric Triangle Wall Art Project Idea Suppose you are trying to figure out a new way to liven up the plain-looking walls of another bedroom without adding more picture frames Then you can come up with this idea of bringing some lovely patterns into your space using vinyl wraps Using the cutter's software, you can make more precise cuts on the metallic gold indoor vinyl

Geometric patterns of 3" sized gold triangles would pop out perfectly against an off-white background The triangles are measured a foot apart and arranged in a diagonal pattern It's a remarkable effect that can make you smile every time you enter the room and see your handiwork 10 Herringbone Wood Headboard Project Idea This striking-looking headboard was one of those DIY projects that turned out to be better than I imagined

It may be easier to build than you think and costs less than $150 It's made chiefly with 3" cedar boards cut with a circular saw You then arrange and glue them in a zigzag pattern on a sheet of plywood The whole cutting, gluing, and tinting process will only take around three hours to finish You can let the glue set overnight and continue the following day to attach 2" frames for cleaner-looking edges

That and applying Polyacrylic protective finish should only take two hours Jenni said, "Even the client I made this for didn't look impressed or optimistic when I tried to explain the concept behind it In the end, she was glad to trust me and was beyond pleased with the results" More about this, visit the link inside the description area 9

Ornamental Shelf and Pegboard Wall Unit Project Another terrific idea to enhance a barren wall is an ornament shelf that also functions as a decorative magazine pegboard It should be around 3×4' in size but could vary depending on the space you want to cover You'll need a 4' long 1×6" board for the top shelf, one sheet of pegboard, and pieces of 1×1 wood for the frame Remember to predrill all the screw holes Screw the 1×1 frame to the wall with 3" screws

Then cut the pegboard so it will mount flush on the frame using 1 ½" screws Lastly, attach the shelf by driving 1 ½" screws through it and the top of the frame The smart design lets you hang magazines on short stretched Bungie cords that you attach horizontally with pegboard hooks 8 DIY Dorm School Supplies Project Idea A great way to spice up a girl's bedroom is by using school supplies to decorate the desk area

You can paint the top of six clipboards with various bright colors Make sure to mask the clip with tape Different colorful fabrics are then cut to size to cover the area under the clips Glue them on the clipboard by applying some Mod Podge with a brush You can hang the clipboards on the wall behind a desk where she can use them to clip on stationaries, notes, photos, etc

To create a theme, you can also use this technique to embellish magazine holders and binders It will also work on spray-painted tin cans to use them as pencil holders 7 DIY Live Edge Desk Project Idea For a little boy's bedroom, a small live edge desk is a fun idea to go with a rustic woodsy theme! After cutting the back end of the wood flat, you need to sandpaper all the surfaces Pay close attention that you sand down any sharp corner

Next, wipe the wood clean and apply at least two coats of preferably fast-drying polyurethane Then predrill holes on walls and the live edge wood and screw in a couple of shelf brackets sturdy enough to carry it 6 DIY Mudcloth Print Cotton Canvas and Wire Hamper Project Idea A hamper will help tidy up some laundry, though they tend to be an eyesore Why not make a decorative one? With a wood plant roller and a wire basket, you can create a fashionable mobile hamper

Just glue the plant stand and basket together and let it dry I also recommend painting them with a single color for uniformity Use a paint pen and fill the laundry bag's bare cotton canvas with an appealing pattern After the paint dries, tie it to the inside of the wire basket using the drawstring Viola! You now have a functional storage fix that also looks good

5 DIY Duvet Cover Idea Since the bed is usually the focal point in any bedroom, a beautiful duvet cover is crucial to make it more attractive Find a knit fabric for the top of the cover that fits your room's theme For the bottom part, a soft Minky fabric would be more comfortable For a tighter fit, cut off the material to the duvet's size so the cover won't look too loose when finished

Also, allow for a button placket strip 5" from the bottom of the Minkyback Sew everything together along with any buttons, and that's it! 4 Fall Pillow from Kitchen Towels Two plaid kitchen towels would make a refreshing homemade pillow You can add a simple but eye-catching embroidery to give it an extra touch Using a backstitch, you can embroider a word like "welcome" in the center

You then use a blind stitch to cover the opening after inserting a pillow It's quick and easy to do, yet it can be a great accent to any chair or bed 3 DIY Rainbow Corner Wall Accent Project A pastel-colored rainbow pattern can bring life to any dull corner It's one of the first things that will catch your attention, especially in the far corner as you're entering a bedroom

Use a light-colored pencil to draw faint guides for the five arcs It doesn't have to be perfect, but make sure the color bands are consistently ten inches wide Mask out the pattern with some painter's tape and a pair of scissors Start with the broadest arc and work your way to the smallest one A tip to prevent bleeding and getting the cleanest lines is to first paint over the mask edges with your original wall color

Using five pleasing pastel paints, paint all the rainbow arcs 2 DIY Painted Empire Chandelier Project Idea As for the ceiling, you can try sprucing up a small "empire" chandelier with some paint You can paint the vertical beads with bright colors such as hot pink, and add some accents by painting the horizontal beads turquoise The choice of colors is yours, and you can try out anything that suits your fancy

Painting the beads white also works I found that using bright enamel gold on the metal frame will bring them together and look more stylish Before I finnish this countdown, support the channel by pressing the subscribe button under the video Keep us on your subscription tab for more home and garden improvement ideas like this And finally, let's close our countdown with

Lastly, Number 1 DIY Hammock Chair Project You can build this DIY hammock chair as a cozy nest for your child in the bedroom Most hardware stores will have the essential supplies that you'll need The materials you'll use, such as the stainless-steel quick links, spring links, and hook, are rated to carry a full-grown adult You'll also need a 6' x 3/8" braided polypropylene rope, and 2 yards of bare canvas that you could paint on

The canvas serves as the seat, and you'll need to rig it using the dowel and rope Using the spring and quick links, you hang the hammock chair on a hook that's screwed securely into the ceiling With the constant breeze and natural light coming in from the outside, the area near your child's bedroom window will be a perfect spot to hang the hammock chair It can become your kid's favorite "hang out" to enjoy a tablet or books Final Thoughts All these DIY home decorating projects have easy steps to follow, and you don't have to break the bank

All you need are a few common materials and some good old-fashioned elbow grease Best of all, you can complete each of these tasks in a weekend Before you know it, you'll have a space oozing with charm and personality They can breathe new life into once drab bedrooms There's a lot of room for experimentation, but the important thing is to have fun! That's it for now

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