10 DIY Spice Storage ideas

Having your spices and herbs neatly stacked really makes your cooking way easier especially after a busy time in the kitchen where everything tends to be in a muddle If you constantly find yourself reach for seasoning to jazz up your food then you need to store your spices and herbs neatly, next, this is 10 DIY spice storage ideas by simphome

com that you can try at home 10 Magnetic Mason Jars Though spices don’t take up much room, they could if you got loads of them One way you can save your spices without having to worry about needing more space is to make storages using magnetic mason jars! You literally only need some small mason jars, a metal bracket and some really strong magnets and voila! You got yourself a cool storage to stash your spices 9

Totally Awesome Sliding Rack This one uses the little gap between your oven and the cabinets Make sure you take the right measurements that will fit the gap Add two dowel sticks to each rack to keep the spices visible and safe and you can paint the wood parts any color you like! Hung your sliding rack on the top of countertop and leave a slight gap above the floor You might want to add a handle too for easier access This DIY spice storage idea probably needs the most work but it’s totally worth it! There is enough space for at least 40 standard size spice bottles! Fantastic

8 Hang Your Jars! Add a new look in your kitchen by hanging your spices and herbs on the wall Nails and wire ropes are pretty much all you need for this Simply wrap wire ropes on your jars and hang them on the nails you’ve set into the wall You can also use adhesive wall hooks

If you happen to have a white wall, you can cover your jars in white wrappings to add an aesthetic element Just remember to add a label on each jar so you can quickly find the flavor for your mac and cheese 7Going Vintage with a Coke Crate Repurpose your old Coca-Cola or Dr Pepper crate as your spice storage

Simply turn it on its side and adhere it to a wall with brackets What’s more interesting is that the bottle compartments are just the right size for your jars It has enough space for about 24 jars for your spices and herbs In addition, there’s still more space to place your jars on top of the crate Don’t forget to label each lid so you can easily spot your oregano

6 Handy Shower Caddy Who says shower caddy is only useful to put your shampoos and soaps? If you are okay with stashing your shower items beside the bathtub, you can repurpose your shower caddy as your spice storage! Attach it to a wall or on the back of your pantry door with a bracket and there you go, you got yourself a new storage for your herbs and spices 5 Custom Spice Storage Drawers One problem when keeping bottles in drawers is that they might roll against one another

So, with a few strips of wood trim and some glue this problem will be solved Use the quarter round base board trim to cradle the neck and the ‘L’ shaped corner piece to hold the bottom of the jar Glue the strips onto the bottom of the drawer They need to be pressed down with a brick until they are completely dry 4

Magnetic Boards With the help of magnets, you can stick your herb and spice jars or containers anywhere and save some space especially if you have a small kitchen Your cabinets and drawers are already full? Stick your spice and herbs containers on the fridge door, on the back of your pantry door or under the shelf Attach your board anywhere you want and arrange your containers however you like 3 Tic-Tac for Your Spice Rack This one is the easiest and simplest way for you to stash your spices

Don’t throw your tic-tac containers in the trash can Collect them and use them to store your spices and herbs Moreover, they are really convenient to bring along to camping You have to admit this one is a really simple yet fun spice storage idea 2

Food Holders With cabinet clips you can repurpose these little things to store your spice and herb jars Not only will this storage keep your jars neatly organized but also prevent them from being cluttered Just attach them to the inside of your pantry door and you got yourself a new space-saving spice storage! Unlike wooden shelves that need thorough cleaning at regular intervals, this one is way easier to clean Before we get to number 1, press subscribe button if this channel is new to you and bell icon beside it This way you'll be notified of the new videos every time I have published it

1 Economical Spice Racks There is no reason why you shouldn’t try to make a wire shelf This one is extremely cheap (for $1 you can get this!) That’s good news for people who tend to be thrifty and you won’t have to clean it Bend the little legs as flat as you can then bend up the one side at the 4th wire with needle nose pliers You need to skip one wire and bend the other side up If you want larger spice storages then skip 2 wires to make them wider at the bottom

Bend up the other side like before Hung these racks with screws that have a large head on them anywhere you like Choose a convenient spot that is within your reach when cooking! That’s it If you enjoy what you see, like this this video or share it with anyone close to you in social media, See you again later with more video similar to this one and Thanks for watching

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